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Monday 26th October 2020  

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The Village Hall

Since its erection in 1889 on the site of a tannery, the village hall has been the focal point of the community. In this section you can find accounts of the many events which took place here over the years as well as a history of the building and its evolution into the hall that we use today.

 Quorndon Embossing Presses  Quorndon Embossing Presses
These two embossing presses were found during the 2020 Parish Council office move from ...... cont.
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 Miss Judy Dormon - Carnival Queen.  1945  Miss Judy Dormon - Carnival Queen. 1945
Loughborough Echo - 22nd June 1945 A dance was given in the Village Hall, lent by ...... cont.
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 Quorn Amateur Dramatic Society’s fine start - 1950  Quorn Amateur Dramatic Society’s fine start - 1950
Loughborough Monitor - 9th February 1950 The newly-formed Quorn Amateur Dramatic ...... cont.
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 The Children of the Village Hall  The Children of the Village Hall
On the 29th June 1889 four children laid memorial foundation stones at the Village Hall. ...... cont.
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 Old People's Meat Tea - 1896  Old People's Meat Tea - 1896
Loughborough Herald - 16th January 1896 On Tuesday evening upwards of 110 old people ...... cont.
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 Parcels Fund concert - 1939  Parcels Fund concert - 1939
Loughborough Echo - 1st December 1939 The Village Hall was well filled on Wednesday ...... cont.
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 Successful 'Suspect' at Quorn - 1960  Successful 'Suspect' at Quorn - 1960
Loughborough Monitor - 15th April 1960 Members of Quorn Dramatic Society presented the ...... cont.
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 Village Hall drama productions, 1930s  Village Hall drama productions, 1930s
These two photographs show a young Jack Field in two different Village Hall drama ...... cont.
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 Sherriff Brothers - 1906  Sherriff Brothers - 1906
An advertisement for Sherriff Brothers, grocers and butchers from a village hall souvenir ...... cont.
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 Quorn's Jubilee Cash - 1977  Quorn's Jubilee Cash - 1977
Loughborough Echo - 26th August 1977 Quorn's Jubilee Cash The future of £350 that ...... cont.
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