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Saturday 22nd February 2020  

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Quorn Parish Council 1947

Loughborough Monitor - 9th January 1947

In response to complaints about flooding in the centre of the village, a letter from Leicester Water Works Office was read at a meeting of Quorn Parish Council (Mr W S Green presiding) stating that much flooding was avoided by opening the top valve of the reservoir, but at this time of the year it was essential to keep the reservoirs filled to maximum capacity. They promised to do all in their power to obviate flooding in the district.

Mr Stirling proposed that the matter be taken up with Leicestershire County Council, who were not only responsible for the roads but should consider the complaint in relation to its detriment to public health.

Bus shelters
A meeting of bus proprietors, police and members of the council having gone into the question of bus shelters and bus stops in the centre of Quorn, a letter was read from the police officer in charge stating that he agreed with the placing of shelters at the side of the Post Office and by the War Memorial, but that it might be better to move the Woodhouse stop to The Cross to remove the danger of pedestrians rushing across a main road. He also strongly supported the suggestion of a bus station for all routes on The Green.

Mr Roberts said from a safety point of view he would support moving the Woodhouse route to the centre island. He considered the idea of a bus station on The Green worthy of more consideration. The proposal for the central bus station would mean buses on the Leicester route going north would leave the main road at School Lane and rejoin at The Cross.

The Council decided that the findings of the meeting, together with a copy of the letter from the police, be sent to the Traffic Commissioner, with a request that he meet a deputation from the Council.

A letter was received from Messrs M Wright and Sons stating that all outstanding obligations in regard to the closing of their tenancy of the Village Hall had been carried out. The matter was left to the Estates Committee.

A complaint about the condition of the footpath which passes through the churchyard was received from Mr F Thompson, people's warden. The letter is to be forwarded to Leicestershire County Council for attention.

The Green
A ratepayer raised objections to the continuous parking of caravans on the Green, which he described as an "eyesore" with lines of washing displayed on public ground. The clerk explained that it was licensed as a camping ground for six dwellers and trailers. Members concluded that the difficulty might be met by moving the caravans to a more secluded spot by Stafford Orchard hedge.

Mr D Brighouse of Quorn, put forward the idea that to have a community centre in the village would bind together the many organisations in process of stagnation, and offered any assistance to the council for its formation. The clerk was instructed to reply stating that for some time the council had considered introducing a community centre when the Village Hall had completed its transition from war service.

 Submitted on: 2009-08-03
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 475
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