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Thursday 21st November 2019  

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Urban District Council - Diphtheria outbreak

Loughborough Herald - 6th January 1898

A monthly meeting of this Council was held at the Village Hall on Tuesday evening. Present: Messrs J D Cradock (chairman), James Bolesworth, Thomas Chapman, D S Hack, T North, T Pepper, J R Robinson and R Thompson.

A letter was read from Mr E H Warner calling attention to cattle grazing in the lanes, and to the damage done to owners and occupiers of land through ditches being trodden down and fences injured. It was resolved to consider the question of letting the lanes at all at the March meeting, when the present letting expired.

Mr Warner inquired whether, if he made an extension of Victoria Street from the top of Freehold Street into Barrow Lane, the Council would take over and maintain the new piece of street. It was resolved that the clerk inform Mr Warner that if the proposed street was made in accordance with the existing bye-laws the Council would be prepared to take over and maintain the street upon the certificate of their surveyor that the street had been properly constructed.

A letter was read from the Medical Officer of Health, dated December 27th, stating that his attention had been called to the presence of diphtheria in the village, and a memorial from several ratepayers (which had been received just before the meeting of the Council) was being read when Dr Skipworth, the medical officer of health, was announced. He stated that there were several cases of diphtheria in the village, and there had been one death. He had made a thorough inspection of the village, and more particularly of the premises where the disease was. Several of the cases were of a mild character. He knew nothing of the memorial, and had made his inspection several days since. He recommended the closing of all the schools in the village for a fortnight, from Monday next, an extra flushing of the drains, that disinfectants be freely used, and that pans on infected premises be thoroughly cleanses and replaced, and not changed with other pans.

In answer to a question from Mr Robinson, the doctor said that diphtheria was very prevalent throughout the country. He again recommended the Council to adopt the Notification of Infectious Diseases Act. Mr Hack proposed, and Mr North seconded, and it was unanimously resolved, that the clerk issue the usual statutory notice prior to the adoption of the Act.

Plans for the erection of a cottage and hall in Barrow Lane by Mr Wm Teagle, and for alterations to the Royal Oak and cottages adjoining by Offlers Brewery Limited, were postponed (in the absence of the surveyor until Tuesday next)

 Submitted on: 2009-08-03
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 464
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