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Wednesday 3rd March 2021  

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List of Parish Constables – Quorn 1784 to 1835

This list was taken from the Quorndon Vestry Meeting minute book. Vestry Meetings were an early form of local government and a precursor to Local Boards and Parish & District Councils. Vestry Meetings were organised as part of the parish duties of the Church and were made up of local people.

Prior to the formation of the Police Force, each year the Vestry Meeting would appoint a Parish Constable to impose law and order. This would be a private local citizen who had his own occupation, but would also take on the policing role. If there were incidents that the parish constable could not cope with, he could call on any able-bodied person to help. The constable had a whistle and if he saw a crime being committed, everyone was expected to chase the person until they caught them, (this is where the expression 'hue and cry' comes from). It was an offence not to help! Anyone who was unruly, e.g. drunk and disorderly, was arrested and kept in the ‘lockup’ on the village green (now a pizza takeaway on the car park). For minor offences people would have been put in the stocks, which were close to the lock up.

John Raven, who was constable from 1825 to at least 1835, often appears in newspaper reports of the time, having apprehended people. The cases seem to be mainly drunkenness, serving drinks out of hours, assault and poaching.

In the Vestry book, this list was headed ‘List of persons who have served the Office of Constable for the Township of Quorndon’

Appointments were generally for one year from the date indicated.

Leicestershire was one of the first counties to form a police force, and this was in 1839.

William Johnson from 18th Oct 1784
Richard Sarson from 18th Oct 1785
Thomas Chapman from 18th Oct 1786
John Chapman from 18th Oct 1787
Robert Glover from 15th Oct 1788
William Baker from 27th Oct 1789
John Bostock from 13th Oct 1790
James/Joseph(?) Gamble from 20th Oct 1791
William Judd from 20th Oct 1792
James/Joseph(?) Chapman from 18th Oct 1793
Thomas Parkinson from 20th Oct 1794
Richard Freeman from 20th Oct 1795
William Parkinson from 19th Oct 1796
Robert Glover for Hugo Meynell from 18th Oct 1797
John Chapman for J P Stone from 11th Oct 1798
William Thorp from 24th Oct 1799
William Elliot from 15th Oct 1800
John Stevenson from 14th Oct 1801
Richard Fox from 13th Oct 1802
W H Inglesant from 12th Oct 1803
Robert Burbage from 12th Oct 1804
Thomas Duick from 15th Oct 1805
Thomas Duick for John Smith from 14th Oct 1806
Thomas Bailey from 13th Oct 1807
James Walter for Ward Cock from 14th Oct 1808
Thomas Gamble from 17th Oct 1809
Thomas Chapman from 9th Oct 1810
Prior Richardson from 8th Oct 1811
Thomas Chapman for William Mansfield from 12th Oct 1812
John Bostock Junr from 5th Oct 1813
Daniel Woodruffe from 10th Oct 1814
Thomas Sarson from 2th Oct 1815
Joseph Bates from 1th Oct 1816
Joseph Ball from 7th Oct 1817
Thomas Pearson from 9th Oct 1818
John Cross from 9th Oct 1819
John Taylor from 9th Oct 1820
John Taylor for William Chapman from 16th Oct 1821
George Stubbs from 23th Oct 1822
Joseph Cross from 8th May 1823
Robert Parkinson from 24th Oct 1823
George Hall from 29th Oct 1824
John Raven from 27th Oct 1825
John Raven from 3th Nov 1826
John Raven from 12th Nov 1827
John Raven from 3th Nov 1828
John Raven from a date in1829
John Raven from Oct 1830
John Raven from Oct 1831
John Raven from Oct 1832
John Raven from 21th Oct 1833
John Raven from 20th Oct 1834
John Raven from Oct 1835

 Submitted on: 2013-03-07
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 1759

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