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Sunday 11th April 2021  

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Commercial Directory 1861 – Quorndon entries

“Gazetteer and Directory of the Counties of Leicester & Rutland”

Trade directories are a valuable source of information for both the local and family historian. Below is the Quorndon section from the Leicestershire Gazetteer & Directory for 1861.

“Quorndon is a large village, township and chapelry, in the parish of Barrow-upon-Soar, and on the west side of the river Soar, 8 ½ miles N of Leicester, 2 ½ miles SE of Loughborough,, 1 miles SW of Barrow on Soar station and 1 ½ miles NW of Mountsorrel; containing about 2,100 acres of land and 1876 inhabitants, many of whom are framework knitters. Quorndon Hall is the residence of Edward Warner Esq, who is captain of the Loughborough Rifle Corps (6th Leicestershire); and Quorndon House is the seat of E B Farnham Esq. The living is a perpetual curacy, valued at £122, in the patronage of the vicar of Barrow, and incumbency of the Rev Robert Stammers, MA. The Church (St Bartholomew) is an ancient building, with a nave, north and south aisles, a square tower and six bells. The General Baptists, Primitive Methodists and Wesleyans have chapels here. Here are the kennels and stables of the celebrated Quorn Hunt, of which the Earl of Stamford and Warrington is master. The Quorndon and Mountsorrel Gas, Coke and coal Company was formed in 1853, for the purpose of lighting the two places with gas, which has added much to the comfort and convenience of the inhabitants generally. The charge to consumers is 6s. 8d. Per 1000 cubic feet. Quorndon chapelry was enclosed and the tithes commuted in 1762. Here is a National and also an Infant School, built by the trustees of a Charity Estate, given by unknown donors, and which has been vested in trust from an early period, for the support of a minister and schoolmaster, the reparation of the bridges, and the relief of the poor. Since the enclosure, the estate has consisted of 28 acres, and 20 cottages in the village, and a house occupied by the master of the National School. This chapelry may send six free scholars to the school at Woodhouse, founded by Thomas Rawlins, from whose charity the poor here have various sums, amounting to about £30 a year, besides £2 for apprenticing a young boy. The poor have 30s yearly left in 1691 by Mrs Margaret Kaye; the dividends of £220.7s.9d three per cent stock, purchased with £200, left in 1830 by the Rev John Prior; and the interest of £1000, left in 1827 by George Hyde. Quorndon, is entitled to a Bible yearly from Hickling’s Charity.”

Baker Elizabeth (Mrs) -
Ball Sarah - Baker
Balm, Hill and Co - Lace manufacturers
Barnett Samuel - Farmer
Bates Isaac - Wheelwright
Bates Joseph - Wheelwright
Bradshaw John B - MD
Briggs Charles - Farmer
Briggs Samuel - Publican, Blue Ball
Brown William - Saddler
Callis Samuel - Beerhouse keeper
Camm Joseph - Farmer
Camm Joseph - Overseer and superintendent of gas works
Camm Thomas - Corn miller
Cartwright John Esq JP - Villa
Chapman John - Baker
Chapman John - Beerhouse keeper
Chapman William - Farmer
Chapman William - Gentleman
Cooke George - Shopkeeper
Cradock Thomas Esq - Solicitor
Cragg Edward - Saddler
Cragg Joseph - Tailor
Cripplewell John - Farmer
Crofts Richard - Baker
Cross Ann - Farmer
Cross Richard - Gentleman
Dawson Francis - Gentleman
Day Thomas - Gentleman
Dexter George - Farmer
Disney George - Nail and pattern maker
Farnham Edward Basil Esq - Quorndon House
Farthing Joshua - Tanner
Fewkes Henry - Bricklayers
Fowkes Ferdinand - Gentleman
Freeman Thomas - Grocer
Freeman Thomas - Post Office
Greaves John - Joiner
Hall Edward - Gentleman
Harris Samuel - Surgeon
Hessey Robert - Beerhouse keeper
Holmes James - Blacksmith
Holmes Thomas - Blacksmith
Holmes Thomas - Publican - Bull's Head
Howell George - National schoolmaster
Hubbard Thomas - Publican - White Horse Inn
Inglesant Joseph - Barrister
Ives Richard Mr -
Jackson Edward P - Surveyor
Lacey Henry - Butchers
Lucas Thomas - Shopkeeper
Lynes Emma - Shopkeeper
Marsden Charles - Baker
Marson John - Tailor
Marson William - Boot and shoe makers
Martin Samuel - Bricklayers
Mee Benjamin - Shopkeeper
Mee Benjamin - Tailor
Mee Frederick - Farmer
Newham Rev John - Incumbent of Mountsorrel North End
Parkinson Thomas - Baker
Pike Rev John C - Baptist
Rennocks William - Shopkeeper
Reynolds Edm - Farmer
Richardson John - Butchers
Richardson Thomas - Butchers
Rumsby James - Publican - White Hart
Rydes Jane - School
Sanders George - Butchers
Sanders John - Joiner
Sarson Thomas - Farmer
Sarson Thomas - Gentleman
Sharpe William - Boot and shoe makers
Sheffield Hannah - Beerhouse keeper
Smith Charles - Farmer
Smith William - Farmer
Spittlehouse John - Blacksmith
Staddon Rev James - Baptist
Stammers Rev Robert MA - Incumbent
Sutton Benjamin - Boot and shoe makers
Sutton Charles - Boot and shoe makers
Sutton Frederick - Bricklayers
Tacey Joseph - Gentleman
Taylor John - Joiner
Taylor Mrs - Farmer
Thompson Richard - Gentleman
Thornton Emma - Schoolmistress
Thornton William - Tailor
Trueman Thomas - Grocer and chandler
Wakeling William - Beerhouse keeper
Ward Henry - Butchers
Warner Edward Esq - Quorndon Hall
Warner Thomas - Tailor
Webster Joseph - Beerhouse keeper
Webster Joseph - Sock manufacturer
Webster William - Baker
Wilkinson Stephen - Shopkeeper
Williams John - Boot and shoe makers
Winterton John - Beerhouse keeper
Wood Henry - Gentleman
Woodroffe Miss Catherine -
Woodroffe The Misses -
Worrall John - Saddler

John Brown to Leicester, Wednesday and Saturday; and Loughborough Thursday
Samuel Briggs to Loughborough daily

 Submitted on: 2012-08-26
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 1674

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