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Thursday 21st November 2019  

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Coronation Plans - 1953

Loughborough Monitor - 24th April 1953

Will they leave their TV sets?

Will Quorn celebrate the Coronation by watching television programmes – or will it do as it has been done for hundreds of years?

The parish Coronation Committee, while not arranging any event for the time of the Abbey ceremony, is hoping that the people of the village will take part in “live” celebrations.

“Many of Quorn’s celebrations will undoubtedly be in competition with the television programme,” states the committee. “But it is hoped that live participation will prevail over inanimate viewing. In this spirit, the committee reflected that many Coronations have doubtlessly been celebrated in Quorn in the accepted tradition of the English village, and the present celebrations are planned to preserve these traditions, when parishioners foregather at the village centre to give active expression of their joy and loyalty”.

Provisional programme for Cornonation Day is:-
Morning: United service at the parish church
Afternoon: Fancy dress parade; sports
Evening: (all on Stafford Orchard): Comic turns, including football match; historical pageant; fancy dress, cycle speedway, tug-of-war finals, bonfire and fireworks.

It is hoped to provide a free tea for every parishioner attending the celebrations in Stafford Orchard. It is estimated that 2,000 teas will be required.

Loughborough Monitor - 8th May 1953

Quorn doubles spending on decorations – to £10

Quorn Parish Council is to spend “up to £10 on decorating the Station Road side and entrance of the Stafford Orchard and the Village Hall for the Coronation.

The council’s Coronation Subcommittee had budgeted for £5 to be spent and had planned to use this money for 180 feet of bunting along Station Road, bunting and bannerettes at the Orchard entrance, and bunting for the hall.

Explaining that the sub-committee had tried to be as economical as possible with public money, the chairman (Mr E C Russ) said he felt that £5 worth of decorations would make a “reasonable little show” but he added that if the council decided more decoration was needed the committee would be only too pleased to improve on their plan.

Mr Peter Brookman felt more decoration was necessary. He stressed: “It’s extremely doubtful whether anyone round this table will see another Coronation. While we have to be custodians of the public purse, I think we have to spend and act in accordance with the spirit of the village.”
Mr J Hall said it would be “a shame to spoil a good effort” by being too money-conscious. The Village Hall was on a main road and needed adequate decoration.

At this point Mr P Selvester proposed the committee be given power to spend up to £10. “It might make all the difference to how it will look,” he said.

He did not think it fair to the committee to ask them to try to decorate public property on only £5.

The council unanimously agreed.

Loughborough Monitor - 15th May 1953

Coronation pageant to depict Quorn history

Records in the library of Quorn House have supplied material for a short historical pageant which will be part of Quorn’s Coronation festivities. Quorn has no well-known historical association, as, for example, has Bradgate Park, but as the writing appeared on the pages of history, its repercussions were obviously felt in the village. This has been portrayed by Mr George Farnham, who has devised a pageant depicting three episodes from past Quorn life.

The first relates to the founding of the Parish Church and the second to the news of the Spanish Armada, and the third is a tableau of more recent village personages such as Tom Firr, of the Quorn Hunt, and Mr M Wright, founder of the webbing mills.

The episodes reveal the origins of the dedication of the church to St Bartholomew and show the original owners of names now given to local streets.

Mr Farnham vouches for the historical accuracy of the events depicted. His family has been associated with the village for many centuries and he has obtained his material from records in the library of his home, Quorn House.

The cast of over 50 will be drawn from the village, production being in the care of the Quorn Amateur Dramatic Society. The work of designing and making authentic costumes is being undertaken by ladies of the village.

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 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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