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Friday 15th January 2021  

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Quorn Parish Council and the Black-out - 1940

Loughborough Echo - 19th January 1940

Taking advantage of the moon, Quorn Parish Council met on Tuesday, instead of the first Tuesday in the month, the following being present: Mr F W Bailey (chairman). Messrs T C Dexter, W Swinfield, W H Bream, W S Green and the clerk, Mr Hillier Northage.

The chairman started a discussion on the question of the electricity charges for street lighting during the black-out. He had recently seen, he said, workmen picking up the ground round the standard on the traffic island, and was informed, on inquiry, that they were “making a dead end”. This looked as if the current was being cut off, as far as the standard was concerned.

Mr Dexter remarked that if the company liked to cut off the current, it was “their funeral”. They would connect again after the black out was over.

Mr Swinfield asked if the ARP firefighters could use the fire equipment at the Village Hall.

Mr Green: “I should, if there was a fire, and ask permission afterwards.”

Mr Dexter asked if the council could not sell the old fire equipment; he noticed in the Press that the Kegworth council had got £50 for theirs.

A letter was read from the county surveyor regarding the council’s request that a bridge might be put over the bypass road for the footpath across Cradock’s Meadow. The letter stated that it would not be justified at present by the Ministry of Transport, and suggested that a census of pedestrian traffic be taken.

Mr Green thought there were many more urgent matters to discuss, and proposed that the letter lie on the table; which was agreed to.

A letter was read from Mrs Nihell-Preau asking for the Village Hall for an entertainment in aid of the Polish Refugee Girl Guides Fund. This led to some discussion and Mr Dexter, who said he was “sick” of hearing such applications said he would bring the matter forward at the next Parish meeting. Again and again the Council made fresh rules about letting the Village Hall, and proceeded every time to make exceptions. Everyone who wanted the Hall claimed that it was for charity and should have special consideration. Precedents had been created again and again.

The clerk was instructed to make inquiries as to how far the present case could be regarded as charity.

It was decided to ask Loughborough Corporation Gas Department that a clerk might attend in the village to receive gas accounts.

Mr Bream said that rates and electricity could be so collected. Why should consumers have to go to Loughborough to pay their account?

 Submitted on: 2010-12-29
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 1079
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