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Saturday 18th September 2021  

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 Wood Lane, Quorn card  Wood Lane, Quorn card
Card illustrating a courting couple in Wood Lane. Nothing more is known about this card.
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 Stream from Tom Long's Meadow, Quorn  Stream from Tom Long's Meadow, Quorn
Builders break into the culvert carrying the stream from Tom Long's Meadow into Quorn ...... cont.
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 Quorn Pub Token  Quorn Pub Token
This is a rubbing of a pub token issued by the White Hart, probably in the 1920s or ...... cont.
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 Quorndon Co-op Checks  Quorndon Co-op Checks
These checks (sometimes incorrectly known as tokens) dating from the late 1800s, were ...... cont.
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 Quorn Souvenir Jug  Quorn Souvenir Jug
This little jug is 7 cms (3 inches) tall. It was made by the New Devon Pottery, Newton ...... cont.
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 Quorn Specialities Ltd  Quorn Specialities Ltd
Quorn grocery products - and we don't mean the modern 'textured vegetable protein'! - ...... cont.
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 Quorn Souvenir China  Quorn Souvenir China
This small pot is less than 6 cm (2 inches) wide and was produced by Arcadian China, ...... cont.
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 Woolly rhinoceros discovered in Quorn  Woolly rhinoceros discovered in Quorn
Loughborough Echo - 18th August 1939 Now on view in Loughborough Library is the ...... cont.
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 Quorn Census Returns and Street Names  Quorn Census Returns and Street Names
When looking at the census records, some street names may not be familiar. Even where you ...... cont.
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 Howlett's Bus Company  Howlett's Bus Company
Founded in Quorn by George Howlett in the early 1920s. The bus depot, off Barrow Road was ...... cont.
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