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Thursday 30th May 2024  

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Quorn Postcards

 Soar Road, Santa Maria Bridge  Soar Road, Santa Maria Bridge
This photograph was taken in the early 1900s and is thought to be one of the first ...... cont.
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 Postcard of Loughborough Road  Postcard of Loughborough Road
This postcard was posted in 1906 and shows the left hand side of Loughborough Road, ...... cont.
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 Postcard of The Thatch  Postcard of The Thatch
This card was posted in November 1904. This property was originally three cottages, ...... cont.
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 Quorn Court  Quorn Court
Quorn Court is now 26 High Street and has been turned into flats. It was originally built ...... cont.
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 Postcard of The Little Green  Postcard of The Little Green
This postcard shows Quorn Hunt on 'The Little Green' before the First World War. It must ...... cont.
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 Postcard of Quorn Terrace  Postcard of Quorn Terrace
This postcard was posted on 29th Aug 1905 and shows four houses on Leicester Road, known ...... cont.
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 Rose Cottage, Loughborough Road  Rose Cottage, Loughborough Road
Rose Cottage was a substantial house on Loughborough Road next to 'The Hurst' (now The ...... cont.
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 Quorn Hunt c1900  Quorn Hunt c1900
Members of the Hunt appear to be 'on show' at some event in the village. Behind is a ...... cont.
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 Quorn Lodge  Quorn Lodge
Quorn Lodge was situated on the A6, beyond One Ash, just before the (old) left turn to ...... cont.
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 Cottages on Wood Lane  Cottages on Wood Lane
The cottages were built by Wrights for their workers in 1893-94.
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