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Saturday 2nd July 2022  

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Quorn Postcards

Picture postcards really took off in Britain in about 1902. They were not only used by tourists, but with up to seven postal collections and deliveries in a day, they were used by local people to make arrangements and keep in touch like we use phone calls, text messages and e mails today. Within towns, a letter or card posted in the morning would usually be delivered in the afternoon.

Old Quorn postcards provide not only a pictorial, historical record of the village, but often the messages on the back enable us to eavesdrop into the lives of people living in Quorn at the time. Sometimes the details can be linked to other records, enabling us to piece together stories about families, including their movements and relationships. By using modern scanning and enhancement techniques, it is often possible to reveal details on the pictures that either give us more information or simply make us smile. Quorn owes a debt of gratitude to some of these talented and diligent photographers of bygone Quorn.

 Stone laying, new Wesleyan Chapel, Quorn, 1907  Stone laying, new Wesleyan Chapel, Quorn, 1907
Melton Mowbray Mercury and Oakham and Uppingham News Thursday 4th April 1907 NEW ...... cont.
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 Quorn Emmanuel Football Club 1908/09  Quorn Emmanuel Football Club 1908/09
The first mention of Quorn Emmanuel Football Club can be found in 1902. It played in the ...... cont.
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 Soar Road, Quorn, about 1910  Soar Road, Quorn, about 1910
A postcard of Soar Road showing children playing in and around the River Soar in about ...... cont.
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