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Farnham Chapel Plaques and Memorials

The Farnham family lived in Quorn from about 1260 to the 1990s. The following memorials are in the Farnham Chapel. The plaques etc are located around the chapel, walking clockwise from the gate in the main church. The leaflet (under 'Features and Articles' on this site), provides a numbered plan. Please note that access to the private chapel is by approval and appointment only.

Table tomb - This impressive tomb contains the remains of John Farnham (died 1587) and his wife Dorothy Walwyn. John Farnham was a 'pensioner' (courtier) for Queen Elizabeth I. He married late in life and they had one daughter.

Incised alabaster slab - Robert Farnham, died 1561 and his wife Mary

Marble plaque - "In memory of George Francis Farnham MA FSA second son of Basil Edward Farnham Esquire and Gertrude Emily his wife - who was born at Quorn House on the 9th of September 1859 and died there on the 7th of January1933. He was a loyal friend, a wise counsellor, a liberal and judicious benefactor to his native place and a most learned and comprehensive historian of mediaeval Leicestershire."
George Francis was a distinguished historian and in 1912 privately published 'Quorndon Records', which documents the history of the Farnham family and other aspects of Quorn.

Incised alabaster slab - Francis Farnham, died 1557, and his wife Margery. He was the eldest son of Robert and Mary Farnham from the Over Hall. He had no children

Pictorial relief plaque below the stained glass window. This shows Robert de Farnham whose son John built the chapel - Robert fought at the battle of Crecy in 1346 and the siege of Calais in 1347.

Brass plaque below the stained glass window. "This window is dedicated to the glory of God and to the memory of Edward Farnham and Harriet his wife. Also of their son and daughter Edward Basil Farnham and Sarah Anne Farnham"

Incised alabaster slab - William Farnham, died 1548 (shown in armour) and his wife Dorothy

Incised alabaster slab - Thomas Farnham, died 1502 (shown in armour) and his wife Margaret.

Marble plaque with shield. "In loving memory of Ronald Godfrey Farnham whose ashes are interred within this chapel. Born 15th April 1930. Died 3rd December 1995. Second son of John and Lily Farnham. A kind and generous friend and brother."

Marble plaque with shields. "To the glory of God and in loving memory of William Edward John Basil Farnham of Quorn House Esquire MA Cantab, JP, DLCo, Leicester High Sheriff 1887, Captain Leicestershire Yeomanry. Born 18th July 1855, Died 30th June 1910. And his wife Catherine Matilda Annie Georgina 2nd daughter of Sir Francis Scott, 3rd Baronet of Great Barr, Staffs. She was Governor of the Royal Hospitals of Bethlehem and Bridewell 1908-1933 and Chairman of Ladies Committee General Lying-In Hospital, London 1914-1933. Born 6th December 1858 died 25th October 1937 and their daughter Lilian Mildred Gertrude born 18th February 1884, died 15th May 1935"
William (Willie) was the grandfather of George - the last Farnham to live at Quorn House. When William died the house passed to his brother George Francis.

Large stone monument on the wall with relief figures (between the window and the door). This large plaque is in memory of Thomas Farnham (died 1574), his wife Anne and their children

Stone plaque above the door (highest). "In loving memory of John Adrian George Farnham Born 5th March 1890 died 24th September 1930 To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die

Marble plaque immediately above the door. "Also in loving memory of his wife Lily Edith, daughter of Captain and Mrs Powell of Newport, Monmouthshire. Born 22nd September 1894, died 19th December 1970"

Stained glass window - This window commemorates the death of Charles John Farnham on 30th January 1883, aged 20 years. He was the younger brother of William Edward John Basil Farnham and George Francis Farnham.

Ornate marble plaque below the window. "In affectionate memory of Gertrude Emily wife of Edward Basil Farnham of Quorndon House and second daughter of Sir William Edmund Cradock Hartopp baronet of Freeby in the County of Leicestershire. Born July 4th 1831 died October 9th 1911. This memorial was erected by her sole surviving son George Francis Farnham AD 1913

Wood panelled compartment - "Behind this panel rest at peace the ashes of the Farnham family. RGF 3.12.95. BEF 7.6.23 - 27.7.04 whose ashes lie behind the central pew."

Marble plaque flanked by twisted pillars - "In memory of Edward Basil Farnham Born 13 April 1799 Died 13 May 1879. Member of Parliament for North Leicestershire from 1837 to 1859. And of his sister Sarah Ann Farnham. Born 17 July 1796 Died 28 July 1875"

Brass plaque - "John de Farnham founded a chantry in this chapel for a priest to celebrate divine service every day forever. September 17 AD 1392"

Large marble plaque above the central oak chair. This is a memorial to Edward Farnham (born 16th March 1704, died June 1775) and his wife Easter (died 28th April 1767). Edward was the son of Benjamin and Sarah Farnham. Edward and Easter had seven sons and four daughters, all of whom are recorded on this commemorative plaque.

Brass plaque - "William Edward John Basil Farnham restored the monuments of his ancestors of the Over and Nether Halls and repaired this Chapel AD1887."

Marble plaque flanked by twisted pillars - "In memory of Edward Farnham Born 27 March 1753 Died 7 January 1835 and of Harriet his wife youngest daughter and co heir of the Reverend Durrand Rhudde DD Chaplain in Ordinary to King George III. She died 27 July 1854"

Marble plaque - "In loving memory of Charles John Farnham born 17 July 1862. Died at Rome 30 January 1883. This memorial is placed by his sorrowing mother. He is not dead but sleepeth, not lost but gone before"

Brass plaque - "In loving memory of the parents of Barbara Elizabeth Farnham. Charles Mathers born Dec 9th 1899, died Feb 16th 1972 and Elizabeth Mathers born March 10th 1895, died Dec16th 1983. Whose ashes are intered in the Garden of Remembrance"

On the floor of the Farnham Chapel are several gravestones, mainly dating from around 1700. These belong to more distant members of the Farnham family who were not on the direct line of inheritance.

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