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Thursday 8th December 2022  

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Military Medal for Quorn Soldier

Loughborough Echo - 20th July 1945

The Military Medal has been awarded to Cpl W Pervin, who has now been abroad for two years and has not yet seen his 17 months old son, who lives with Mrs Pervin in Meeting Street, Quorn.

Before joining the Army Corpl. Pervin worked at Messrs M Wright and Sons, Quorn.

Follow up article - 12th October 1945:

Bravery of Quorn Corporal - destroyed enemy post

As previously reported in the Echo, the Military Medal has been awarded to Cpl. W Pervin, of the London Irish Rifles, son of Mrs Pervin, Meeting Street, Quorn. Before joining the Army he worked for Messrs M Wright and Sons, Quorn.

The citation states: "On 6th April, 1945, after the initial crossing of the River Reno by "B" and "C" companies, 1st London Irish Rifles, "A" Company were ordered to exploit forward of the Scolo Martinella. No 7 Platoon, in which Cpl Pervin was a section commander, were ordered to attack and capture an enemy strong point at Ca Vindna, starting the attack after dawn.

The ground between the Scolo Martinella and Ca Vindna was absolutely flat and open. The house proved to be strongly defended, with one spandau posted in its grounds and one or more in houses further away covering the approaches. As a result the platoon was held by fire in the open some 200-300 yards from the objective. In addition to automatic small arms fire, the platoon was subjected to consistent mortar fire. It was imperative that the house should be taken in order to get some cover around which the platoon could dig in.

Unaccompanied, Cpl. Pervin worked his way forward and mainly by crawling, outflanked the spandau post outside Ca Vindna. The 200 yards which he covered was continually swept by fire and harassed by mortars. Using his tommy gun he destroyed the enemy manning the spandau post and then proceeded to draw attention to himself by throwing grenades. As a result the enemy concentrated fire in his direction and the short diversion enabled the remainder of his platoon to rush forward and take the house.

As a result of Cpl. Pervin's expert use of fieldcraft and of his own complete disregard for personal safety he himself destroyed an enemy spandau post and by doing so was responsible for his platoon capturing Ca Vindna."

 Submitted on: 2010-08-27
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 911
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