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Saturday 2nd July 2022  

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Quorn Cricket Club

Founded in 1872, the first 'club' was on a field on Leicester Road. Then in 1889 a paddock of Quorn Hall was used. In 1891 the club became known as 'Quorn Wesleyans' and the game moved to Love Lane field on Barrow Road. Next came the Apple Tree field where Mansfield Street now stands, then to Stafford Orchard. Two more moves to Chaveney Estate and Dustmore Field (opposite One Ash) occurred before the club settled in 1897 at Caves Field. For 50 years the White Hart Inn was the headquarters of the club and Jimmy Rumsby, the landlord, was quite a character in his top hat and frock coat. Here is an extract from the memories of Maria Ankers, writing of the village in the early years of the 20th century:

"The days of old James Rumsby at the "White Hart" are well remembered. This landlord was a keen cricket enthusiast who brewed his own ale, with which he was generous to a fault on festive occasions. Invariably he wore a top hat, and he never discarded it, even when he had to chase the boys and girls who annoyed him by playing on his roller. On one occasion Mr Wykes hid a party of girls under his stairs while James sought for them in vain.

Mr Rumsby had a large wooden hut on the cricket pitch (where the Park now is) and when matches were being played he was keenly concerned as to the progress being made by his son Billy, who was a player of some talent. But it became somewhat too widely known that it was only necessary to run down to Mr Rumsby - at any time during a match - and say "Your Bill's got another four, Mr Rumsby," and that worthy would respond with "Thanks, my lad. Have a drink!" The majority of the "fours" scored by Billy were in the imaginations of those who conspired to wheedle some ale from his father! But still, he was a fine cricketer, as also were Bill Martin and William Willmore."

A close look at this photograph shows Quorn Court in the background, thus placing it post 1897 and the move to Caves Field.

It is very hard to identify individuals after all this time, but we do know that first on the left (standing), is Sam Hallam.

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