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Friday 9th December 2022  

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Objection to License renewal - Bull's Head Inn, Quorn 1918

Loughborough Herald - 7th February 1918

"Rowdy music and foot stamping"

The police objected to the renewal of the license of the Bull's Head Inn, Quorn on the ground that it was not properly conducted. Mr Clifford appeared for the applicant, and Supt. Agar said about 15 months ago he received complaints from Mr Lewis, a chemist, living near to the Bull's Head. He complained of the continual playing and singing from went on from six o'clock in the morning, noon, and night. The landlord was cautioned, and the nuisance ceased for a time, but it was not what it ought to be. The early morning playing appeared to be for the benefit of men who had been working all night and went into the house instead of going home.

Benjamin Raymond Lewis, chemist, spoke to the nuisance, and said the music went on all day. It was almost impossible for him to conduct his business, and he "saw nothing but Charlie Chaplin and Tipperary before him".

In cross-examination, witness denied that he had any ill feeling against the landlord. He believed the daughter played the piano, but he could not say they were a musical family. The early morning playing was stopped after he had complained to the police.

PC Thornton said complaints had been received from people living opposite the house, and Sergt. Smith said what went on was "rowdy singing, all the popular airs, and they go into it like mad, and at the finish they stamp their feet".

Mr Clifford admitted that the early morning playing could not be justified, and it was stopped as soon as the police complained. But in regard to the music generally, a licensee was entitled to have a piano for anyone to play, unless the player was paid for it. Mr Lewis's proper remedy was to apply for an injunction, and the committee had no power to stop the music in proper hours. He would give an undertaking that there should not be so much in future.

Wm Ironman, the landlord, having given evidence, the chairman said the Bench did not think it a case for refusing the renewal, but some restriction must be placed on the music. The conditions of renewal was that either the piano was removed from the smoke room to some private part of the house, or that no music was played in the licensed part of the house after 6.30, this being the same restriction as was placed on Rothley House.

The adjourned sessions was fixed for March 4, and it was stated that notice of objection would be served on the Marquis of Granby, Loughborough; the Black Horse, Castle Donington; and the Vine, Shepshed.

 Submitted on: 2010-02-22
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 748
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