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Thursday 28th October 2021  

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Quorndon Farmers' Club 1853

Derby Mercury - 9th November 1853

The fourth annual meeting of this useful club was held on Wednesday last. The show of vegetables was held in a field of Mr W Whattoff's, and the ploughing in class I took place in an adjoining field also in the occupation of the same gentleman. The boys' ploughing took place in a field of Mr W J Taylor's.

The quality of the vegetables exhibited were very superior when it is taken into consideration that the past season has been very unfavourable for their growth.

The ploughing, especially in class I, was considered very superior; so much so, that one of the judges, who was a judge of ploughing at the recent Agricultural Anniversary at Loughborough, remarked, that if called upon to give an opinion as to the merits of the ploughing at Loughborough and the ploughing he had witnessed that day he should unhesitatingly give it in favour of the latter. In the men's class ten and in the boys' class five ploughs started; and what is worthy of remark all the prizes in both classes were carried off by those candidates who used ploughs made by Mr Hanford of Hathern.

Prizes are given by this club to the ploughman who brings out his horses in the most cleanly condition, and who manages them in the best manner while at work. This is considered a highly important matter by the Quorndon farmers, and one which they think other societies would do well to adopt. The judges of the horses best managed were Mr Garton, of Cotes, and Mr Mellors of Thrussington; of vegetables and ploughing, Mr Baguley and Mr Warner, of Cossington.

The following are their awards:
Class 1. To the farming servant who shall plough in the best manner half an acre of land. 1st prize, 1 1s Wm Hue, servant to Mr W Chapman; 2nd prize, 15s, Wm Harris, servant to Mr C Smith; 3rd prize, 10s, George Greasley, servant to Mr W Sarson; 4th prize, 5s Benjamin Rue, servant to Sir R Sutton, Bart.

Class 2. To the boy who shall do the same as in class 1. 1st prize, 1, George Cadney, servant to Sir R Sutton, Bart; 2nd prize, 10s Joseph Sleath, servant to Mr W J Taylor.

Class 3. To the farming servant who shall draw the straightest furrow. 1st prize, 5s, Thomas Stocks, servant to Mr W J Taylor, 2nd prize, 3s W Rue, servant to Mr W Chapman, 3rd prize, 2s, Wm Harris, servant to Mr C Smith.

Class 4. To the boy who shall do the like. 1st prize, 3s, Wm Caldwell, servant to Mr C Smith, 2nd prize, 2s, George Cadney, servant to Sir R Sutton, Bart.

Class 5. To the ploughman who best managed his horses while in the field. 1st prize, 5s Thomas Rue, servant to Mr Thomas Sarson; 2nd prize, 2s 6d, Wm Harris, servant to Mr C Smith. Benjamin Rue and Thomas Stocks were highly commended for the attention they paid to the management of their horses.

Vegetables - for the ten best Swedish turnips. 1st prize to Mr W J Taylor; 2nd prize to Sir R Sutton, Bart; Mr Tacey's commended.
For the ten best common turnips, 1st prize to Mr C Smith; 2nd prize to Sir R Sutton, Bart; Mr Tacey's commended.
For the ten best mangold wurzel, 1st prize to Mr W J Taylor; Sir R Sutton's and Mrs Cross's commended.
For the ten best cabbages, 1st prize to Sir R Sutton; Mr Thomas Sarson's commended.
For the ten best carrots, 1st prize to Thos. Craddock Esq, Mr Tacey's commended.

The dinner took place at the Bull's Head Inn at four o'clock. The chair was occupied by Mr J Higham, Sir R Sutton's house steward, and the vice-chair by Mr W J Taylor.

After the cloth was removed the usual loyal toasts were given, and succeeded by "the health of his Grace the Duke of Rutland," Lord Lieutenant of the County; "the Army and Navy"; "Sir R Sutton and Fox-hunting;" "Success to the Quorndon Farmers' Club," which the Chairman said was originated by two or three young farmers of the parish, and had hitherto been conducted in such a manner as to gain not only the esteem of farmers of the neighbourhood, but also the approbation of many agriculturists in the county, "The Chairman" (proposed by Mr Inglesant); "The Stewards" (Messrs W J Taylor and W Chapman jun.); "The Judges" (to which Mr Baguley, Mr Garton and Mr Warner replied), and several other complimentary toasts, the proceedings being kept up for several hours.

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 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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