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Monday 18th October 2021  

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Quorn Havelock Football Club

Loughborough Echo - 14th April 1972.

The above picture of the Quorn Havelock Football taken before the First World War has been sent to us [the Echo] by Mr H E Spence of 26 Station Road, Quorn. The Quorn Havelock FC played in the Loughborough and District League and they were an outstanding club with a fine record. Mr Spence thinks the only one now living of those on the picture is Mr Albert Dexter.

Back row: J Miller, H Holmes, A Squires, [name missing], Heggs, A Dexter, T Sutton, A Rennods [Rennocks], W Martin, W Lovett, J Bentley, H Taylor, C Reeves, S Freeman, Middle row: J Ball, S Rue, O Lovett. Front Row: W Leavers, C Disney, J Neal, A Martin, W Thornton.

A follow-up letter appeared in The Echo a week later:

21st April 1972 - Loughborough Echo
Quorn Havelock Football Club

Sir - I have a picture similar to the one of Quorn Havelock Football Club which appeared in the April 14th issue of the Echo. The person next to James Miller is not H Holmes, but my father, Albert Bowler, who was a first class Lewis gunner killed in September 1918.

The missing name is Cecil Pick. My father was a trainer for the team.

Yours etc

Nellie Pepper (Mrs)
2 Church Lane

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 Submitted on: 2009-09-09
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 541
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