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Thursday 25th July 2024  

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Quorn Improvement Wanted - Stafford Orchard

Loughborough Echo - 14th July 1939

A report is to be presented to Quorn Parish Council regarding the improvement of the Stafford Orchard, a matter which has come before the council on many occasions.

At the last meeting Mr W S Green asked if it would be possible to obtain a grant from the King George Fund, as he understood that an additional amount had been allocated to Leicestershire, but the chairman, Mr F W Bailey, said that the grants were only for the purchase of land. He felt that the question should be postponed until the rating position was eased.

Mr D Stirling protested against the repeated deferring of improvements to the Stafford Orchard and Mr T C Dexter, after reviewing the position from the time when the Parish Council first took up the matter, said that they always came up against the same difficulty. The Council wanted the improvement to be made, but at the expense of someone else.

The report on the present condition of the Orchard is to be presented by the Estates Committee.

 Submitted on: 2009-08-02
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 458
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