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Tuesday 29th November 2022  

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Quorn Parish Council Meeting - 1939

Loughborough Echo - 6th January 1939

The monthly meeting of the Quorn Parish Council was held on Tuesday, when Mr Tom Dexter, the chairman, wished all present a happy New Year, "coupled with the hope", continued the speaker, "that we shall get through with our business a little quicker in 1939."

A heartfelt "Hear, hear" was given to this sentiment from those present.

A letter was read from the Chief Constable of the county in reply to the Council's complaint that Quorn has insufficient local police. The letter maintained that Quorn was amply supplied, and the Chief Constable went on to say that as to the alleged mischief done by children, he did not suppose the children of Quorn were worse than others, but the mischief was probably due to insufficient playing fields etc. Moreover, no reports had been made to the local constable.

At this point Mr Facer said that he himself had reported certain youths by name to the constable.

Mr Stirling maintained that Quorn, with Stafford Orchard and the Town Green, was as well supplied with playgrounds as most villages.

The chairman was asked to deal with the Chief Constable's letter, with the help of the clerk.

A letter having been sent to Alderman F A Stenson, requesting him to connect a proper water supply to the Quorn Country Club, his reply was read to the meeting and caused some amusement.

Mr Stenson said he was much too busy to think of water pipes until after the holiday. He wished the Quorn Council a very happy Christmas. At present the Club water comes from the pipe that supplies the Village Hall, where the stop cock is, and in the event of fire at the Club the situation would be extremely dangerous.

The Library Committee have agreed to the Council's suggestion to change the distribution day from Friday to Thursday. The auditors' refusal to allow the Library Committee to use the Village Hall free of charge was objected to by the Council on the score that the Library Committee are helping a County Council work. It was agreed to refer the matter to the County Council

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 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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