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Friday 27th May 2022  

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Quorn Public Recreation Ground

Loughborough Echo - 31st May 1968

To the Editor

Sir - I was much surprised to read in the report of the Quorn Parish Council meeting that the Council were considering conceding a piece of ground on the Stafford Orchard public recreation ground for the purpose of providing a car park for St Bartholomew's School. The St Bartholomew's School has been condemned twice during the past thirty-odd years by inspectors of schools, but nothing has been done to any great extent with regard to the provision of a new school.

During my term of twenty years as a manager of the school this subject was continually being brought forward and on one occasion we surveyed several sites in Quorn and one suggested site was a field at the end of Station Road, but the representative of the County Council said it was not wide enough; yet a few years ago this same field was bought for the Rawlins School and part of the next field just for recreational purposes.

Had this field been obtained, I maintain that this would have been a very good place for the Village School and recreation and parking of cars. I refer of course to the field previously owned by the late Dr Unitt.

I would call the Parish Council's attention to the deed of the Stafford Orchard and request that they consider it very carefully before coming to a final decision as I have a copy of the deed of the public recreation ground should they not fulfil the conditions of the deed then they place themselves in a very serious position.

The copy of the conveyance dated 20th April 1920 states the Local Authority will for ever hereafter support, maintain and improve the said piece of land hereby conveyed as and for the purpose of public pleasure grounds and will forthwith completely fence in the whole thereof in a substantial and appropriate manner having regard to the purposes for which the same are herein before conveyed and will for ever maintain such fencing in good order and condition at the expense of the Local Authority and will for maintain suitable entrance gates where the land shuts on School Lane and Station Road.

Over the years the Parish Council have received support from various organisations in the village with the erection of the children's playing facilities and also the entrance gates and the erection of the avenue of trees.

I know from my past experience as a public worker of forty-two years that at time difficulties do arise within the village, but it is the duty of those in office to see that the rules and regulations of organisations are carried out in a legal manner.

In closing, I again request the Parish Council to give very serious consideration to the deed of the Stafford Orchard and respond by giving full appreciation to the donors Messrs Cradock, Warner and Wright and also the late members of the Quorndon Urban District Council and our forefather residents of the village who through the rates helped to pay the sum of 200 (The Urban District Council quota) for the public recreation ground, Stafford Orchard. yours etc

Donald Stirling
7 Soar Road

 Submitted on: 2009-07-23
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 389
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