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Wednesday 18th May 2022  

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Quorn Parish Council meeting 1936 - Refusal to withdraw remark, Jubilee Seat Protest and Horses in Orchard

Loughborough Echo - 24th April 1936

Protest by Mr J J Stirling
Refusal to withdraw remark

The annual meeting of the Quorn Parish Council was held on Wednesday when Mr F Draper took the chair. The Chairman announced that the first duty of the annual meeting was to elect a chairman for the ensuing year, and, on the proposal of Mr C Smith, seconded by Mr J H Price, Mr T C Dexter was elected.

Mr Dexter said he would do his best to preserve a spirit of dignified expedition and to deserve the confidence placed in him. "We have shaken down to our new position more than we had last year, when the chairman had a difficult time".

Mr Swinfield proposed that Mr W S Green be vice-chairman for the ensuing year, and Mr Emerson seconded.

In accepting the post, Mr Green said his sentiments were those of the chairman.

After some discussion it was agreed to merge the two committees of General Purposes and Estates and the following elections were made: General Purposes and Estates Committee: Messrs Green, Stirling, Emerson, Swinfield and Price.

On the election of Mr Green as chairman of this committee, Mr Stirling said: "Mr Chairman, I withdraw my name; I can't stand that. I have been a member of this Council for seventeen years, and now a new member of the Council is made chairman over me, simply because he belongs to another party".

The Chairman said Mr Stirling could not withdraw, as he had been duly elected.

Mr Stirling: "Then I shall resign".

Mr Green: "I take strong exception to your remarks Mr Stirling, for I belong to party (sic). I ask you to withdraw that remark".

Mr Stirling "I shall not withdraw it".

Mr Green "Very well".

The Chairman called attention to the fact that the entrance gate to the village hall had been raised, as had the path.


Jubilee Seat Protest
Mr Stirling, chairman of the Jubilee Seats Committee, said that the seats were now all in place except that at the Memorial. He and Mr Price had made an inspection and the fixing seemed satisfactory.

The Chairman read a letter from Mr Kelly, of the Red House, complaining at the Jubilee seat in Stafford Orchard, opposite his house. Misuse of it in the evening made it impossible for the front rooms of his house to be used, and he requested it to be removed.

The Chairman said he had heard that such a complaint was pending, but did not think it was meant seriously.

Mr Stirling said he had received complaints about the seat.

Mr C Smith: "Such a complaint is not justified, and I move we endorse the action of Mr Stirling and the Seats Committee".

The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Kelly to that effect.

It was agreed to precept for 240 for the coming year. It was estimated that the Council's income would be 130, with 235 expenditure.

The transfer of the Council's property back from the Rural District Council was signed by the Chairman, and it was agreed to renew the fire insurance on the property.

Mr Partridge and Messrs Holmes Bros, were chosen as plumber and builders to the Council for the coming year.


Horses in Orchard
Mr A H Gamble wrote on the matter of horses in Stafford Orchard. He had never, he said, put horses there, but had allowed Messrs Tyler and Spoor to put their horses in the orchard during a flooded period. If the Council objected to this, he would not do so again. He paid a rent of 3 per annum. Mr Green: "What rates do we pay for the orchard"? The Clerk said the demand note was for "Recreation ground", and did not specify whether that meant The Green and The Orchard, or how much was paid in respect of either. "We have enquired, but no one seems to know".

A letter was read from the secretary of the Buddon Badminton Club, who rent the Village Hall, asking the Council to consider paying a bill which the club had received from the Quorn Gas Company for certain fixings to light in the hall amounting to 3 7s 8d.

It seemed from the discussion that followed that the club had been given permission to make experiments for better light, but that the Council, in giving the permission, had accepted no liability.

Mr Draper said he should oppose the paying of the bill by the Council.

Mr Green said that neither the Council nor the club had give an order to the Gas Company, but the company had been asked to experiment for better light.

Finally, Mr C Smith moved that the matter be further enquired into and discussed at the next meeting.

This was carried, an amendment by Mr Bream that the club be called on to pay the bill being lost.

Present: Messrs T C Dexter, W S Green, J J Stirling, F Draper, C Smith, W Swinfield, J H Price, J G Emerson, W H Bream, and Hillier Northage (clerk)

 Submitted on: 2009-07-19
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 385
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