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Alleged attempted rape

Loughborough Advertiser - March 28th 1878

(see also Petty Sessions for first hearing, Artefact 210)

Wm Hickling was charged with feloniously assaulting with intent to commit a rape, Annie Stapleton, at Quorndon, on the 22nd January. Mr Bennett prosecuted, and Mr Lindsell defended.

From the evidence of prosecutrix, a girl evidently about 18, it appeared that she started on the afternoon the day in question to walk from Barrow to Loughborough, and when she got part of the distance the prisoner came up. She asked him the way, and he said he was going nearly the whole of the way and would show her. They proceeded a short distance, and they came to a field which he said led out into a street in Loughborough. They went across that field and two others, and then he asked her how much she would give him to take her across the fields. She said she would give him sixpence. He began to parley. She commenced to go back and prisoner pushed her down. She jumped up and screamed, and he pushed her down again and said no one would hear her; and if they did he would "do for her" before they came. A struggle ensued, and they rolled over again. He struck her several times on the chest with his fist, which rendered her unconscious. When she recovered, the prisoner asked her if she would inform against him. She said she would not if he would let her go. He said he would if she would give him sixpence. She did so, and he let her go on her way. When she got on the road she met a man in a cart, who gave her a ride in the cart to Loughborough, and to whom she made a complaint. When she got home she made a complaint to her mistress. John McConnell, master of the prosecutrix, said she made a complaint to him on the day in question. She had always conducted herself well while in his employ. Francis Wright, pork butcher, Loughborough spoke to the prosecutrix asking him for a ride, and to seeing her clothes disordered. Dr Hutchinson spoke to examining the prosecutrix.

John Ward said he saw the prosecutrix pass him on the night in question, and either immediately before or immediately after the prisoner passed. PC Leech said he took the prosecutrix to the lime-kilns at Barrow, and showed the prisoner, who was working there, to the girl, who at once identified him.

Mr Lindsell contended that the girl was mistaken in the identity of the man. His Lordship having summed up the case, the jury returned a verdict of guilty, and the prisoner was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour.

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 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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