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Quorn United Cricket Club

Loughborough Herald - 6th July 1899

Denounciation of the League and Withdrawal of the Club

A special general meeting of Quorn United Cricket Club was held at the White Hart Inn on Monday evening. Mr E H Warner JP president of the club, occupied the chair, and there were also present: Messrs J A Hayward (captain), A H Shuttlewood, W Thornton, J Davis, H Gamble, H Percival, S Hallam (secretary) and others.

The business of the evening was the consideration of the action of the North Leicestershire League on the disgraceful affair in the Quorn v Sileby match and of the decision of the Emergency Committee of the League.

The secretary (Mr Hallam) was called upon to state what took place at the League meeting, and after some remarks the reverse of the complimentary to the League management from the President and others the following resolution was unanimously passed:"that after due consideration of the disgraceful affair at Quorn during the Quorn v Sileby match on May 27, and also of the subsequent investigation by the League Committee, this club decided to withdraw at once from membership of the North Leicestershire Cricket League"

After further discussion, the meeting unanimously agreed to the following resolution:"that this meeting desires to place on record the fact that the North Leicestershire Cricket League Committee appears to attach no importance, or penalty, to any side or person disputing the decision of an umpire, respect and obedience to whose decision is one of the first laws of cricket, and without which the game cannot be fairly carried on"

A hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr Hallam for the action he took in the matter, which had the unanimous approval of the club. A vote of thanks was also tendered to the chairman for presiding.

At the close of the meeting it was decided to offer to play Mountsorrel Castle a friendly on Saturday instead of a League game.

A Quorn correspondent writes:"Sileby admitted stopping the game and disputing the umpire's decision, and yet they were not even censured for it. Their players showed anything but decent behaviour, and if this is an example of the way they are going to win the championship, then the sooner championships and leagues are done away with the better. It was a disgrace to their club and the game of cricket"

The Quorn Club will play friendly matches for the remainder of the season, and next season an effort will be made to arrange stronger matches and place the club on a footing approaching what it was years ago.

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 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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