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Tuesday 16th July 2024  

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Motoring Fatality, 1930 Bull in the Hollow, Quorn

The Leicester Mail, Friday April 4th 1930

Terrible Motoring Fatality Near Quorn

Flung Through Roof of Car at Death Spot.

FLUNG through the crumpled roof of her car, which travelled on for fifteen yards before collapsing in ruins after a collision with Major A. E. Burnaby's saloon, a Loughborough woman to-day died in hospital from terrible injuries. Her skull was fractured and her spine broken.

The fatality occurred at the notorious death-spot known as the “Bull in the Hollow,” between Quorn and Loughborough, where there have been so many fatal crashes.
One of the foremost riders to hounds in the Leicestershire hunting country, Brigadier-General Jack, of Kibworth, was seriously injured at the Woodland Pytchley race meeting yesterday, and lies in Kettering Hospital with a fractured skull.

The Loughborough fatality is believed to have been caused by a skid in the rain on the macadam surface on the dangerous curve down to the “Bull in the Hollow”, scene of so many fatal crashes.
Miss Kathleen Chapman of Westfield Drive, Loughborough, was driving a “baby” car towards the town, and a powerful saloon car belonging to Major A E Burnaby, Master of the Quorn Hunt, was returning to Quorn. In the latter were Major and Mrs Burnaby and the chauffeur who, however, was not driving at the time.

The cars came into collision within 100 yards of the “Bull in the Hollow” and it is believed that Miss Chapman was shot through the roof of her car when it was crumpled up by the impact. The Burnabys and chauffeur were unhurt, but were badly shaken, and Mrs Burnaby is suffering from shock.
Miss Chapman was flung with terrific force on the roadside, her spine and skull fractured and her car careered onwards for 15 yards. Finally it collapsed in ruins.
Miss Chapman was taken to Loughborough hospital, where she lingered until today, when she succumbed to her injuries.
She was a well-known figure in Loughborough, being secretary of Toc H and a member of the Parish Church Council; and she was formerly secretary of the Loughborough Women's Unionist Association. She was 35, and was the daughter of Mr Albert Chapman, who before his death two years ago travelled for a Northampton boot firm, and had previously worked for a Leicester concern.
Beyond the fact that there was a bus in front of miss Chapman, and that her car skidded broadside across the wet road as the saloon car approached, the accident is a mystery, as there were no eye-witnesses on the scene.

The photographs are captioned:
1) The “baby” car driven by Miss Kathleen Chapman, of Loughborough, which was smashed in collision with Major A E Burnaby's saloon last night. Miss Chapman was flung through the crumpled roof, her spine and skull being broken, and the car collapsed in ruins further on.
2) Major Burnaby

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