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Tuesday 26th September 2023  

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John Davys Cradock 1845 - 1921

John Davys Cradock was born in Woodhouse in 1845 but by 1851 the family had moved to Quorn Court on High Street in Quorn, where he lived until he died on 5th September 1921. This is best picture of J D Cradock that has come to light after years of looking!

The picture and extract came from a book published in 1896 called:
'Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Some of their Leaders, Social and Political'
With Illustrations. Published Exclusively for Subscribers at £3 3s per copy
Edited by Truman Press, of St Albans.

Being privately published, Truman Press did not want to offend his subscribers, which is evident from the glowing nature of his descriptions of those included! Truman Press was born in Yarmouth and was a journalist before becoming a newspaper editor and eventually running a publishing company, but his private publishing efforts were not appreciated by all. In 1896 a British periodical called ‘Truth’ said:

“It appears that Truman is now engaged in an effort to induce all the fools in Surrey to pay him sums of nine or twelve guineas for the privilege of having their biographies and portrait inserted in a book which he is publishing by subscription. This is a trick on which Truman and Manning Press have been engaged for years, and as long as they can find idiots enough to keep the game going, no one can blame them for working it for all it is worth.”

The text from the book is below:
JOHN DAVYS CRADOCK, Esq., of Quorn Court, Loughborough, who has for the last ten years been Secretary to the Quorn Hunt, is a typical country gentleman, taking a deep interest in all kinds of sport, and being himself genial, frank, and generous. All that he does is done well, for there is nothing halting or half-hearted about Mr. Cradock. He has his own views and ideas of things, and is never afraid to make them known.

Mr. J. D. Cradock is the son of the late T. Cradock, Esq., by Mary, daughter of H. Grover, Esq., of Hemel Hempstead, Herts. He was born at Woodhouse Eaves in 1845, and was educated at Repton. Since 1850 he has resided at Quorn Court, the ownership of which estate also carries with it the Lordship of the Manor of Loughborough.

The family of Cradock, which appears to have been resident in Westmorland since the eleventh century, came from Kirkby Stephen in that county to Hartforth Hall, near Richmond, Yorks., and from thence into Leicestershire.

Mr. Cradock has been a member of the Quorn Local Board of Health for upwards of twenty years, during ten of which he was Chairman. When the Board was superseded by a Rural District Council Mr. Cradock became a member, and was elected the first Chairman. He has also been a member of the County Council of Leicestershire since that body was first instituted.

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