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Tuesday 26th September 2023  

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Quorn Rawlins Grammar School panoramic photograph, 1965

This 'whole school' photograph was taken at Rawlins School in 1965, when it was an all girls grammar school.

The numbered panorama has been split into three parts to aid viewing on the museum website.

Can you name anyone? Please indicate by using the numbers and indicating if it is top row (red numbers), second row (yellow numbers), third row (blue numbers), fourth row (green numbers), fifth row (pink numbers), sixth row (turquoise numbers) or bottom/seventh row (orange numbers).

2 . Margaret or Mary Birchwood (twins)
3. Avril Schepens
4. Margaret or Mary Birchwood
5. Jane Stubbs
6. Maureen ?
17. Sheila Mason
21. Janet Blencoe
22. Margaret McLeod
24. Jackie Whall
25. Joan Underwood
26. Margaret Brearley
27. Vivienne Raynor
28. Helen McCaig
29. Caroline Oram
43. Sheila Priest
44. Marion Jones
45. Elspeth Neville
47. Norma Morpeth
57. Joan Roberts
64. Gaynor Gunby
65. Kay Holyland

3. Linda Towle
41. Susan Underwood

2. Penelope Nelson (née Hefford)

16. Margaret Suffolk
23. Miss Savage?
28. Mr Berger, music teacher, ex POW at Quorn
29 Mr Cook (Geography)
30. Miss Sheldrake
32. Miss Oughton
33. Miss Marjorie Sawdon, headmistress
34. Mrs Diggle
38. Mr Cook (Physics)
39. Mr Watson ?
43. Miss White
67. Juliet Male

37 Rachel Lord
30 Jennifer Shonk
41 Mavis Burton??
42 Sally Norton
43 Christine Leman-Laurie
25 Sally Ann(e) Christian

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Please email us at: team2023@quornmuseum.com
 Submitted on: 2023-07-10
 Submitted by: Marion Thomas nee Jones, Gillian Ackers, Rachel Lord, Penny Nelson, Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 2545
 Artefact URL: www.quornmuseum.com/display.php?id=2545
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