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Thursday 7th December 2023  

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1939 WW2 Register transcription - Quorn


Searching the Register: Due to the somewhat illogical order of the streets etc, it is suggested you use the ‘Ctrl F’ or 'EDIT/FIND' function to search the pdf file, either by SURNAME or STREET NAME.
The PDF file opens in a new browser window and can either be searched directly or downloaded to your computer.

Background: Britain joined WW2 on 3rd September 1939 and the 1939 Register was taken a few weeks later on 29th September 1939. The information was initially used to produce identity cards and later for issuing ration books and conscription. After the war existing entries were kept updated into the early 1990s, although in such a limited way, it is hard to see how the record could have continued to be useful.

Armed Forces: The register does not include anyone who was a member of the armed forces at the time, although as conscription did not begin in earnest until January 1940, many people who subsequently served in the armed forces, were still civilians in September 1939.

Dates: Dates shown as additional notes on the register (ie NOT dates of birth) are usually NOT the date of the event (eg a marriage) but are thought to be the date the record was updated.

Register Order: The original handwritten Quorn 1939 index consists of 74 pages, which transcribed has become 91 pages. It starts with School Lane, moving to Station Road and the north-west quadrant of the village. Page 43 starts on High Street, moving to Loughborough Road, Meeting Street, Chaveney Road etc. Page 70 onwards covers Leicester Road and Wood Lane, with the final 5 pages (from page 84) recording the south (even) side of Meeting Street, more of Chaveney Road, Buddon Lane and various miscellaneous properties.
Note: Stoop Lane was written as Stoup Lane on the original register, but has been corrected on the transcription to assist searching.

Redactions: Many lines are redacted. Most of these are for people who are still alive, although there are some pages with blocks of redactions and their reason is unclear. Some redactions lines have a strange V shape that impinges on other lines and can be frustrating!

Column Headings:
Original Order - This is a sequential number we have allocated so we can always track the original order.
Column 0 - Area Code within Quorn
Column 1 - Address – This has been split this into two columns
Columns 2 and 3 - Schedule numbers
Column 4 - Name - split into 3 columns, Surname, Forename and new surname
Column 5 – Status – Used in a few special cases, when the person was not a permanent member of the household: O – Officer, V – Visitor, S – Servant, P – Patient, I – Inmate
Column 9 - Marital Status, S/M/W/D
Column 10 – Occupation (as written)
Column 11 – War duties/posts of individuals and various notes added to the register as updates (often dates – see above).
Museum Notes - We have included here notes of any additional checking we have carried out or any other information we consider relevant.

Acknowledgments: This register was transcribed in 2022 by Philip Thornborow who volunteered as a member of Quorn Local History Group. The project was coordinated by Sue Templeman, Vice-Chair of QLHG and curator of Quorn Village On-line Museum.

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 Submitted on: 2022-12-29
 Submitted by: Philip Thornborow and Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 2516
 Artefact URL: www.quornmuseum.com/display.php?id=2516

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