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Thursday 30th May 2024  

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Sale of the contents of Quorn Court, 1926

For most of the nineteen century and into the twentieth century, Quorn Court on High Street was owned and occupied by the Cradock family, who were part of Quorn’s gentry. Probably the most influential member of this family was John Davys Cradock, who was a leading member of Quorn St Bartholomew's Church, owned a large amount of land and property, and was involved in many village projects including the running of Quorn National School, the creation of Quorn Rawlins Grammar School, the building of the village hall and several property developments including Chaveney Road.

He never married and when he died in 1921, the majority of his estate passed to his nephew Major Corbett Cradock. Although Corbett sold much of the land and property, he and his wife Eileen moved into Quorn Court. Corbett, like his uncle, was a great supporter of Quorn Hunt, but he lived fairly extravagantly and by 1926 he is selling Quorn Court.

The file below is a .pdf copy of the sale catalogue of the contents of Quorn Court held in November 1926, prior to the sale of Quorn Court itself. The catalogue not only lists all the furniture, paintings, china, carpets, kitchen equipment etc, but also lists all the rooms inside Quorn Court and the various outbuildings.

Quorn Village On-line Museum owes thanks to Rupert Weldon, Corbett Cradock’s great grandson, for generously sharing the catalogue.

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 Submitted on: 2022-10-08
 Submitted by: Rupert Weldon
 Artefact ID: 2503
 Artefact URL: www.quornmuseum.com/display.php?id=2503

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