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Wednesday 4th October 2023  

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Stone laying, new Wesleyan Chapel, Quorn, 1907

Melton Mowbray Mercury and Oakham and Uppingham News
Thursday 4th April 1907

Memorial stones were laid on Monday afternoon in the new chapel, which is in course of erection for the Wesleyan Methodists at Quorn. The present building, which dates from the year 1822 has for long past been both inadequate and unsuitable to the requirements of the denomination in the village, and the possibility of a new chapel has been eagerly awaited for several years. The site of the new building is immediately in front of the old, and abuts on the main street. It is to accommodate 250, and this will be augmented on Sunday School anniversaries, etc., to the extent of another 150 by opening screens between the new chapel and the old, which will be adapted for a schoolroom. The front is to be Mountsorrel granite, with Derbyshire stone dressings, and the windows will be glazed with leaded lights. The general design is late Free Gothic, one admirably adapted for Nonconformist buildings. The cost, including site, etc., of the whole scheme, will be about £1.600, and the work is being carried out by Mr. Joseph Hand and Mr. W. H. Fewkes, the former being responsible for woodwork, and the latter for the stone and brickwork. Mr. Alfred Hendy of Milton Chambers, Nottingham, is the architect.
The Rev E. Gelder (superintendent minister) conducted the stone-laying proceedings, which were attended by a large number of members of the circuit. Amongst those present were the Rev . Moorhouse Thorpe (chairman of the district), the Rev. C. J. Hoskin and the Rev. W. Broadley, Mrs. T. Champness (Lutterworth), Mrs. Randle, Messrs. T Heggs, J. Ingleson, S. Waite. C. Gamble, J. Hand, T. Bramley, S. Clarke, E. Liner, J. Thornton, T. Scott, E. C. Laundon, A. Grain (Quorn), Dr. Paltridge, Messrs. T. Heath, W Eggleston, A. Richards, W. Flintoft, J. Core, J. Murphy, J. Topping, T. Bass, H. Percy. S. T. Topping, L. V. Murphy, G. Dennis, Makinson (Loughborough), J. S. Smith, M. Smith, J. L. Crosbie (Mountsorrel), S. W. Mayes (Barrow), etc.
After a reading. of Scripture by the Rev. W Broadley and prayer by the Rev. C J. Hoskins, the Rev. E. Gelder made a statement on the undertaking, and referred to the stones about to be laid. Eleven stones were then placed and declared to be well and truly laid by the following: Mrs. Champness, in memory of her husband, the Rev. T. Champness; Mrs. Randle, in memory of her husband, Dr. B. Randle; Miss Pullin, in memory of Miss Wragg; Miss Smith (Accrington), in memory of Mr. Thomas Raven; Mr. T. Bramley, in memory of his father; Miss Bass, in memory of her father; Mrs. Webster and Mrs. Inglesant, for the Women's Sewing Class; Mr. J. Hand, for the Sunday School; Mr C. Gamble, for the Wesley Guild; Mrs. Gutterldge; and a stone was laid by the Rev. E. Gelder en behalf of Mrs. George P. Jones.
An address was then given by the Rev. Moorhouse Thorpe, who spoke of the effort as one which sustained the traditions of nearly 100 years through which Wesleyan Methodism had been exerting its great power in that neighbourhood. The cause in Quorn started with meetings in a cottage. Then came the building of the chapel in 1822, and now they were putting up a still larger place. He hoped this process of evolution would continue, and that their new sanctuary would prove to be the spiritual home of a great number of people. After referring to the work of the Rev. Thomas Champness and the Rev. Dr. Randle, the speaker said the doctrines which had been held by those honoured men would be proclaimed without fear in the new building. They did not want to shut out modern light, but when, in a house, they wanted to increase the light, they did not start by sapping the foundations. What folly it was to try to upset the foundations on which the very house rested. This was a parable they would easily interpret for themselves.
A vote of thanks to the stone-layers and the Rev Moorhouse Thorne was proposed by Mr. Croslie, seconded by Mr. Heggs and supported by the Rev. C. J. Hoskin. Afterwards a number of bricks were laid by Sunday scholars. An adjournment was made to the Village Hall for tea and in the evening a meeting was held, at which Mr. James Murphy presided, and the speakers included the local ministers and others. The total amount raised during the day’s proceedings was £224.

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