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Saturday 2nd July 2022  

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High Street, Quorn in 1952

This sketch appeared in the Loughborough Echo in 1952 and shows cottages which stood next to the White Hart on High Street. On the left of the picture is the corner of the White Hart, so cottages extended at right angles to road, into what is today the pub car park. See also Artefact 2056.

Loughborough Echo - Friday 12th December 1952
From an Artist’s Sketch-Book (136)
(Special to the “Loughborough Echo”)

On occasions all too rare the wanderer Leicestershire country lanes and villages is confronted by some old wall or remote corner, passed many times a day seldom noticed, but which is so replete with romantic (because poetic) associations, as to merit for it is a niche in the archives of art. The average verdict is that it is too old and should be replaced by something more in accord with the notions of the town and country planning board.
Each time such a demolition occurs there disappears a gem not to be replaced. It is the duty of the artist or photographer to record while they last, the image of such aspects for posterity.
If you walk through the main street in Quorn you may see the corner depicted in this week’s sketch. In the walls of this small group of buildings, the nearest of which is certainly more than 400 years old, there is scarcely any material known to builders which has not been used in its construction and repair – timber, plaster, stone, brick - assembled in a riotous but truly artistic jumble. Within the dwellings are like dolls’ houses, with small rooms having numerous angles in walls and ceilings and heavily timbered.
In these dwellings live Mrs Shephard, Mrs Wilders and other old residents of the picturesque village of Quorn.

Note: Alfred Thomas Warbis was a sketch artist, whose work included over 1,000 sketches of Loughborough and the surrounding villages commissioned by the Loughborough Echo under the title ‘From an Artist’s Sketch-Book’, from the early 1950s up to 1974. Some of his sketches were of Quorn. His family were originally from the east end of London but he moved to Somerset and worked at an engineering firm called Petters. This was bought by Hawker Siddley, who also owned The Brush and Alfred was moved to the Loughborough factory and lived in Barrow-Upon-Soar. He died in 1976 aged 92.

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 Submitted on: 2022-05-09
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 2492
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