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Wednesday 19th January 2022  

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1935 Silver Jubilee Seat petition

In May 1935, King George V and Queen Mary Silver Jubilee was celebrated in Quorn with various activities that included the presentation of a commemorative book presented to the children (See Artefact 1912) and the installation of seven Jubilee seats. The position of the seats was decided by the Quorn Jubilee Seat Committee and one of these seats was positioned in Stafford Orchard facing out on to Station Road. This was much to the annoyance of the Station Road residents who presented a position to the parish council.
The petition read as follows:

”To the Quorn parish Council
The undersigned residents of Station Rd. Quorn request the removal of the seat recently placed on the Stafford Orchard in front of their houses to another position on the Stafford Orchard where no annoyance will be caused.
A.R Kelly, Red House, Quorn. John A. Williamson, Pig and Whistle, Mrs Fletcher 52 Station Road, G. Bonser 56 Station Road, E. Freer 58 Station Road, A. Tuckwood 20 Station Road, Mrs Clowes 68 Station Road, W. Lovett 66 Station Road, A. Squires 64 Station Road, Mrs. Maiden 15 Station Road, M. Leaver 54 Station Road, A.E. Warren 72 Station Road, Quorn”

The response from the Quorndon Parish Council was dated April 25th, 1936 and addressed to Mr Kelly read as follows:

“Dear Sir,
Re Seat on Stafford Orchard
Your letter dated 25th April was duly laid before the above council.
I am to point out that the position of this seat, along with six others was fixed nine months ago by the Quorn Jubilee Seat Committee. Various matters have held up the work, but you may rest assured that before any of these seats were finally fixed, every consideration was given to the privacy of householders and ratepayers.
This particular seat is fixed in the position decided upon, and as it does not face your house or indeed any houses on Station Road, the council sees no reason to alter its position.
Yours faithfully,
Hillier Northage
Clerk to the Council”

It was in 2009 and during the Stafford Orchard refurbishment that the seat was eventually repositioned to face into Stafford Orchard. The seat of course is not the original 1935 seat and the original brass plaque is long gone. The seat is now dedicated to a family. If you have any information on this or the other Jubilee Seats the Museum would like to hear from you.

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 missing information Missing information: Do you know about any of the other seven 1935 Jubilee seats?
Please email us at: team2022@quornmuseum.com
 Submitted on: 2021-01-14
 Submitted by: Dennis Marchant with thanks to Quorn Parish Council archive
 Artefact ID: 2433
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