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Saturday 13th April 2024  

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Schooldays at Quorn St Bartholomew’s Primary, 1957 to 1961

John Tweedie and his twin brother Jim were at St Barts Primary during the school years 1957/58, 1958/59 and 1960/61. John very kindly shared some of his memories with the museum team and continues:

Moving to Quorn
We had lived in Iraq before and it was quite a shock with one or two things. The weather for a start. It was a lot colder and one of my first recollections was the 1/3 pint bottles of milk left on the coke stove to warm up for break. (As recalled by Sue Sharpe and Richard Thompson, Artefact 1517). We had been used to powdered milk and this warm milk to us tasted vile and made us retch. As did the parsnips for lunches in Meeting Street. It's amazing what stays in your mind from all that time ago. Eventually we got used to them.

We used to live in Forest Road in Loughborough, but then moved to 41 Chaveney Road,Quorn.

Lots of exercise
We walked to school and back every day and half-way there and back in crocodile fashion for school lunch in the Scout hall in Meeting Street. Every day we would pass a wall with a small wrought iron gate behind which was a garden. There was a white bulldog behind the gate which we would all tease to make it bark at the pupils following behind. Of course we thought it was hilarious.

My brother and I played football. During one year there was a six a side competition between other schools. I was in the B team, my brother in the A team. Eventually we met in the final. Team A won.

I remember the trips on a coach to the Loughborough baths which were shall we say even then a little old fashioned and the water always seemed cold. After the swim we would dress and from a wall container put a penny in a slot and get a blob of Brylcreem which we proceeded to massage into our hair, then comb it. With rock ‘n’ roll greased hair all the rage, I think we thought we were really cool!

For summer holidays we would travel to see my father in Iraq for about six weeks. We would catch the train from around the corner at Quorn Station to London. We would then stay in a hotel in London and then take a plane to Baghdad. Finally a small 8 seater Dove to Kirkuk in the north.

After primary school
My brother and I passed 11 plus and went on to Loughborough College, firstly in William Street and then to the modern building on Thorpe Hill.

Getting the 601 or 602 Midland Red from Loughborough to Quorn every school day became a bit tedious especially with school activities, so we moved back to Loughborough and settled at 20 Fairmount Drive.

I have very fond memories of my life in Quorn and of course Mr Briers, Miss Sturman and Mr Adkins.

Top photograph – St Barts teachers taken in 1960:
Standing, left to right: ?, Miss Lena Sturman, Robert Weavell, ?, ?, Eric Adkins, ?.
Seated, left to right: Freda Taylor, Jack Briers, Mrs Ivy Wesley.

Lower photograph - Sports Team St Barts 1960/61
Teachers, left to right: Miss Sturman, Mr Adkins, Mr Briers.
Back row, left to right: Richard Tebbut, James Tweedie, Trevor Pervin, Anthony ?, Alan Needham, John Tweedie, Michael Shonk, ?.
Middle Row, left to right: Gillian Hopkin, Alice Freshwater, Gillian Peasland, ?, Pamela Meeke, Janet Bown, Kathleen Lidierth, Judith Henson, Christine ?.
Front row, left to right: Graham Lord, John Grindall, Barbara Cockerell, Rachel Lord, Susan Bown, ?, Richard Coxall.

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 Submitted on: 2020-06-12
 Submitted by: John Tweedie with photographs from Mike Speight
 Artefact ID: 2392
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