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Thursday 26th May 2022  

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Quorn Rawlins Grammar School, Old Quornians Roll of Honour

There are three rolls of honour hanging in Rawlins school. The most recent of these (photograph below the names), was erected in 1952 by the ‘Old Quornians Association’. It contains the names of all those former pupils who fell in WW1 and WW2.

The two crests at the top of the board are, on the left: the Farnham Crest which was adopted by the school in 1927; and on the right the previous school crest, which was a tortoise.

The wording at the top says:
This tablet was erected by the Old Quornians Association as a memorial to those who fell in the wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 and as a tribute to all who served.

In memoriam 1914-1918
Note: Quorn pupils are indicated in square brackets
Reginald Backhouse [Quorn]
Walter Barber
Claude H Barrs
Bertie Bates (this name was not included on the older WW1 roll of honour)
E Arthur Benskin [Quorn]
Ernest Benskin (this name was not included on the older WW1 roll of honour)
John E Burnham
Percy Facer [Quorn]
Charles G Frisby
John V L Graves
M Henry Hickling [Quorn]
George F Lester
John T M Lewis
W E Martin Lewis
Daniel Moore [Quorn]
Hubert M Moore [Quorn]
William Moore [Quorn]
Cardinal V Newman
John W Pick
C Edgar Pritchard
Harold H Proudfoot
Bertie J Shenton [Quorn]
John H Spence
George Wesley
Charles White [Quorn]
Frank C White [Quorn]
George Whittle

Victor W Camp
George H P Dean
James A Dodge
John B Eastman
Reginald G A Hand
Charles Hodkinson
Fred Kirk
Richard N Lovett
Geoffrey Payne
John F A Rayns
Peter F Rumsey
Ernest D Stapleton
George Wartnaby

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 Submitted on: 2020-01-01
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 2262
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