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Tuesday 18th May 2021  

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Footpaths Around Quorn, 1984, by David Hopkins, Rawlins student

David Hopkins was a 6th form student at Rawlins Community College in 1984, when he produced a booklet of eight walks around Quorn. This 24 page booklet contains maps of the walks, a practical and interesting narrative for each, and skilful illustrations of plants and insects that might be encountered along the way. Some of the walks are quite short and others are a lot longer.

It is well worth downloading the document and trying some of Davidís walks. Remember that you might come across changes in the landscape that have happened since 1984!

When he left school, David continued his interest in plants and in illustration. He had a career as a freelance archaeological illustrator, working in Lincolnshire and took a leading part in many archaeological trips abroad. He went to various parts of the Middle East and to Libya more than a dozen times. When on a trip to Uzbekistan in September 2011, David was tragically drowned in a boating accident, aged 44. Although he travelled widely, he still kept in close contact with Quorn and took a keen interest in developments in the village.

Davidís parents, who still live in Quorn, have kindly allowed his booklet to be published online for others to enjoy.

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 Submitted on: 2019-04-22
 Submitted by: Parish Archives
 Artefact ID: 2209

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