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A begging letter 1897

Loughborough Herald - 1st July 1897

Elizabeth Frost, married woman, of Leicester, was charged with endeavouring to obtain money by false pretences from Mr C T Parker JP., of Quorn Lodge, on the 28th ult., and John Frost, her husband, was charged with aiding and abetting her. Arthur Bennett, in Mr Parker's employ, said the woman came to him at the Lodge, and handed him a letter, which he opened, and, having read it, took it to Mr Parker, who rode off to the police station. Witness asked the woman to wait awhile. The letter stated that it would be a charity to help the woman and was signed "J Redman".

Inspector Agar stated that Mr Parker came to the police station on Monday, about six o'clock, with the letter, and he went to the Lodge, on nearing which he saw a man, whom he recognised as the male prisoner lying on the grass. He watched Mr Parker very closely. Witness saw the woman at the house, and told her she would be charged with attempting to obtain money by false pretences. She then made a statement respecting the man he had seen on the grass, and he went after him, coming up with him near the Elms Park lodge, and taking him back to the house. The woman then said he was her husband, and that he had given her the letter.

The male prisoner now said the letter was given him by the man whose name was attached to it, saying it would help him to get a shilling or two on the road. Neither he or his wife could read or write, and they did not know what the letter contained. The Bench convicted and Inspector Agar said the woman had been convicted several times for different offences. Each prisoner was fined 30s or 21 days' hard labour

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