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Saturday 13th April 2024  

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Lloyd Eric Tomlyn, 1928 to 2016 – Memories of Quorn

Lloyd Eric Tomlyn was born in Mountsorrel in 1928, the son of Eric Dudley Ernest Tomlyn (known as Dudley) and Lucy Emma Tomlyn (nee Gregory). The family moved to Quorn in 1931, where Lloyd’s father Dudley worked as a baker for Quorn Co-op, and his siblings Pauline (later Mee), Dorothy (later Cramp) and Peter were born.

In his later years Lloyd wrote the story of his life, and after he died in 2016 his family put it together, with many treasured family photographs, into a large folder, which they subsequently lent to the museum team. Lloyd’s memories provide an interesting, valuable and unique insight into life in Quorn in the mid 1900s. The attached document deals mainly with Lloyd’s time in Quorn, and is only about a quarter of his full autobiography and memories!

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 Submitted on: 2018-10-14
 Submitted by: Wendy Hale and Sue Templeman
 Artefact ID: 2032
 Artefact URL: www.quornmuseum.com/display.php?id=2032

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