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Saturday 23rd September 2023  

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Royal Oak, Quorn in the floods, early 1930s

This photograph was taken in the floods at Quorn Cross/Meeting Street, by the Royal Oak in either 1932 or 1933. It is a lovely picture, showing friends and neighbours - and note the dog holding an enamel bucket!

Mary Plummer (nee Squires), who was the little girl sucking her finger, supplied some of the names. Can you provide anymore?

1 – Albert Brown
2 – Charlotte Brown
3 – Sidney Herbert Brown (son of Albert and Charlotte)
4 –
5 –
6 – Eric Lucas (cousin of Mary Squires)
7 –
8 –
9 –
10 –
11 – Renee Pervin (nee Dowsing)
12 – Madge Adams (nee Dowsing)
13 – Charles Archibald (Archie) Prince, the landlord
14 –
15 – Mary Squires
16 –
17 – Roy Squires
18 and 19 – both lived on Meeting Street, one is thought to be called Mabel
20 – Peggy (Mary Squires’ dog)
21 – Whipplow

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 missing information Missing information: Can you identify anymore people in this photograph?
Please email us at: team2023@quornmuseum.com
 Submitted on: 2017-07-18
 Submitted by: Anthony and Mary Plummer
 Artefact ID: 1988
 Artefact URL: www.quornmuseum.com/display.php?id=1988
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