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Saturday 8th May 2021  

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Letter from HMS Quorn, 1941

During WW2, early in 1941, young Betty Morley from the Quorn Hunt Pony Club wrote to the crew of HMS Quorn about. Below is the reply from the Captain.

c/o G.P.O.,


P.S. I apologise for this scrawl but have only a few hours in harbour.

Dear Miss Morley,
Thank you and all the Pony Club so very much indeed for letters, album and books. It is very sweet of you all and much appreciated onboard here.

The album is on its way round the messdecks now, and they all do hope it will be kept out[?].

We are trying, when opportunity comes, to get a photograph of the ship’s company and officers, taken for you in lieu of one of the ship, which is discourage these days by the censor; but I am afraid our time in harbour is rather limited these days.

It is rather a pity but we have not got a film projector on this ship, as this class do not carry them in war time at least not the official ones, but it is a very nice thought on your part, and we can only hope that when this infernal war period is over and we have dealt effectively with friend Hitler that some of us may be able to come - - - and see the films for ourselves and have a - - - - - visit aboard from the Pony Club.

I am addressing this to you in appreciation of all you’re doing in helping to organise this generous help to us, but do pass on the gratitude of all the officers and men in the ‘Quorn’ to all the members for their kindnesses – they will - - - - be - - - - - them, and as First Lieutenant, I think I have said all before, I do know how much the men like it themselves, and want to meet you all.

I will let you know about the boots.

Yours v sincerely

Christopher Phillpotts

Note: For more information about HMS Quorn, please see Artefact 1953

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 Submitted on: 2016-10-14
 Submitted by: Liz Jones
 Artefact ID: 1954
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