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Thursday 26th May 2022  

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St Bartholomew's National School, 1910

This excellent quality photograph of St Bartholomew’s National School, was taken in 1910 (per Parish Archives). On the left is the headmaster, Charles Adams, who was known as Gaffer Adams. He was head from 1889 to 1921.

The museum team are indebted to Mike Speight from Quorn, who spoke to Lily Callaghan, before she passed away. Lily was caretaker at the old primary school and had a copy of this photograph, which Mike published in his book, called 'Quorn Now and Then'. Lily provided a slip of paper with the following names:

Left to Right:
Back row: Mr Adams (headmaster), O Briers, N Mee, E Stockwell, A Dockray, S Greasley, L Teagle, S White, H Clark
Second row: F Clark, E Turlington, L Gartshore, E Heaps, E Corah, V Grain, A Taylor, M Sutton, N Beardmore, N Pell, F Draper, Miss E Adams (teacher)
Third row: E Sutton, E Hollingsworth, M Harris, G Bagley, A Hutton, L Adcock, L Turlington, A Fletcher, B Brewin
Front row: A Pick, M Sutton, L Boyer, L Vesty, L Howlett, D Bently, E Norton.

See also Artefact 1884 and Artefact 2384.

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 Submitted on: 2015-04-04
 Submitted by: Anthony Cove
 Artefact ID: 1881
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