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Sudden Death at Quorn Adult School - April 1905

Loughborough Herald - 13th April 1905

On Sunday morning, shortly after the opening of the Adult School at Quorn, one of the members, Jno. Smith, was seen to fall back, apparently in a fit. He was taken out and Dr Unitt sent for, but death ensued before the doctor's arrival. Deceased, who was a quarryman and 63 years of age, lived in Farnham Street, Quorn, and had suffered from heart trouble for some time, being an out-patient at the Loughborough Hospital. On the way to the school on Sunday he complained of pain the chest, and said he thought it would kill him before long.

An inquest was held on Tuesday morning at the Temperance Hall, Quorn. Walter Smith said his father was 63 years of age and was a quarryman. He had been unwell for some time, and was an out-patient at Loughborough Hospital. A few days before his death he had appeared to be worse. On Sunday morning he complained of pain, and said he thought it would kill him before long.

Harry Wisehall, timekeeper, stated that he was at the school when deceased entered. He sat down, and in a few minutes fell back apparently in a fit. He was carried into the factory office passage close by, and Dr Unitt was sent for but deceased was dead when the doctor arrived. Dr Unitt attributed death to heart failure, and a verdict to that effect was recorded.

 Submitted on: 2015-01-03
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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