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Thursday 28th October 2021  

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The Turner/Shuttlewood families in Quorn

These photographs were sent in by Brian Shuttlewood from Quorn. Brian was born in Quorn in the 1940s and lived on Barrow Road until he moved to Loughborough in 1965. After a spell living on the Isle of Wight he came back to the East Midlands in 1977 and worked for BBC Radio Leicester and BBC East Midlands Radio. His 45 years in the entertainment business have included working in Quorn at The Chequers and the White Horse, with 1950s and 1960s music.

Brianís roots in Quorn start with the Turner family, when his grandparents, George Ernest Turner and Edith Annie Turner came to Quorn in 1920, after coming back from India. They lived at 3 Freehold Street before later moving to 20 Mansfield Street. George had an allotment at the top of Mansfield Street and Station Road, where today there are bungalows. Brian records that the field at the back of Mansfield Street and the allotments belonged to Farmer Bayliss.

Picture 1 Ė Brian Shuttlewood as a boy in the 1950s.

Picture 2 Ė George Ernest Turner in his Leicestershire Regiment uniform.
George fought in both the Boer war and the First World War, and was promoted to the rank of colour sergeant. In WW1 he was gassed and lost an eye.
It was while serving with the Leicestershire Regiment in India before WW1, that George met Edith Annie Gerrard, who was the daughter of John William and Georgina Mary Gerrard who kept a hotel in Bombay. Edith had been born on 22nd March 1887 in Muree, West Bengal, India, which is in the foothills of the Himalayas and now in Pakistan. George and Edith married in Madras on 8th April 1912, when George was 27 and Edith was 25. Their first child, Nancy, was born in India, before the couple moved back to England in 1914.
After the war, in 1920, George and Edith moved to Quorn. George became a Special Constable in the village and also served as secretary of Quorn British Legion.

Picture 3 - Norah and Ernie Shuttlewood, Brianís parents.
Norah Turner and Ernest Shuttlewood married in 1940.
Norah was a talented pianist and gained certificates of examination from the Royal College of Music. Despite her formal music education, she enjoyed playing the piano in many pubs and clubs in Leicestershire. One of these was the Kings Arms in Hathern, where she used to stand in for the famous Mrs Mills. Another was the Pig and Whistle on Station Road in Quorn in the late 1950s, when it was kept by the Malpass family.

Ernie Shuttlewood came from Sileby and his roots can be traced there, back to the 1700s. This means that he is related to William Shuttlewood, who took so many photographs of Quorn in the early 1900s, (see artefact 501).

Picture 4 - The Turner Family.
This photograph was taken in 1962, in the Hurst room in Quorn (on Loughborough Road), on George and Edithís 50th wedding anniversary. They had six children; Frank, Ernie, George, Nancy, Norah and Betty.

Back row, left to right: Frank Turner (was a senior manager at the Brush works in Loughborough), Ernie Turner (worked at Clarkeís box factory in Mountsorrel), George Turner (chauffer), Betty Turner (married and lived in London), Norah Turner (Brianís mother),
Front row, left to right: Gertrude Gerrard (Edithís sister), George Ernest Turner (Brianís grandfather), Edith Annie Turner (Brianís grandmother), Nancy Turner (born in India)

Brian Shuttlewood and his Turner relations are distantly related to Stuart and Walter Turner, who are known in Quorn in connection with football and land in the Farley Way area.

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 Submitted on: 2014-08-25
 Submitted by: Brian Shuttlewood
 Artefact ID: 1856
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