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Saturday 23rd September 2023  

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Letter from Quorn Prisoner of War Camp, March 1947

Quorn POW camp was based in the grounds of Quorn House and the entrance was on Wood Lane, where Northage Close is today. The site had been occupied earlier in the war by the American 82nd Airborne Division, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

Below is a translation of a letter card sent from Quorn camp by German prisoner Georg Pierseck to his friend Gerhard Hauschild in West Germany in March 1947. Gerhard is getting married and it is interesting to hear Georg’s views on his own marriage plans!

The letter indicates that Georg and other prisoners have just been moved from Sheffield, but they are expecting to return to Germany very soon. He also refers to a lack of coal and the poor quality of the food, which must have been even harder to bear, as at this time (March 1947), Britain was emerging from one of the worst winters on record.

Thanks to Rachel McQuail (from Rawlins) and Steffi Marshall for translating this card for the museum.

Herrn Gerhard Hauschild, Marburg / Lahn, Markt 12 I, Deutschand — Amerik. Zone
Dear Gerhard!
Your second short letter has arrived as well. Many Thanks for that. If I remember right I announced in Sheffield the closing down of the camp. The mates you asked about have (apart from ... Tillmann ... and Gehrke as well) all been ... in January and February. ... best wishes for the wedding. When I come home I will look for a suitable wife. With the current so-called bride it will probably not work out anyway. But that won't break my heart. But you know my motto: What wants to fall, should fall. Hopefully ... will get over the shock. By the way Gottschalk has again the close-up photo of the district director’s daughter over his bed. — On the 21.02. we erected Camp 9. Accommodation better then in Sheffield (25 men per barrack — no ... huts ) 3 minute walks without guards — Surrounding quite nice. The disadvantage: During the last few cold weeks not a single piece of coal — Food quite thin (Lunch time thinnest turnip soup all the time) Sundays for a change pea soup………………………………………….. — Last week hearing completed. To my knowledge all got B
or A. Willi, Klaus and I got B+ without political questions. Personally I have got the feeling that ... will be abandoned. ... 184 und 165 have similar results. Metz = B and Kretschnnar as well. The hope for a speedy return home increases. I reckon May others think April. I advise you to write to Klaus again. Best wishes from Klaus and Willi. Klaus started carving. He is carving all day and is making Dachshunds and Pinscher. Willi says Thank you for the press release. Wishing you and your family all the best. Greetings from and for the comrades. Yours faithfully Georg

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