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Friday 2nd June 2023  

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St Bartholomew’s Parish Registers, Baptisms 1800 to 1910

St Bartholomew’s Parish Register baptism entries from 1800 to 1910 have been transcribed by the Museum Team. This document is a full transcription in its original (date) order. It should be noted that the type and quantity of information of varies over the years.

Several interesting points were noticed during the transcription:

1. It is fairly obvious that records were written up after the event. The Revd Edward Foorde Kelcey (vicar from 1892 to 1909) had a tendency to leave fields blank and also to make entries out of date order.
2. Reference is made to conditional baptisms. These are usually on older children/adults prior to being Confirmed. In order to be Confirmed it is necessary to be baptised first. Where a prior baptism could not be proved or the records were missing, a conditional baptism was carried out, ie conditional on not having been baptised before.
3. Illegitimate births are sometimes referred to as ‘base born’

For an index in alphabetical order of surname, see Artefact 1782

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 Submitted on: 2013-05-26
 Submitted by: Sue Templeman with assistance from Brenda Cox
 Artefact ID: 1783
 Artefact URL: www.quornmuseum.com/display.php?id=1783

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