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Wednesday 4th October 2023  

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Quorn Amateur Dramatic Society’s fine start - 1950

Loughborough Monitor - 9th February 1950

The newly-formed Quorn Amateur Dramatic Society made a most promising start on Tuesday evening when a programme of three one act plays was presented at the Village Hall.

Evidently Quorn is more drama-minded than most places for the amateurs played to an enthusiastic full house on Tuesday, and again last night.

The three plays were indeed a mixed bag, commencing with a drama, “Before the Morning”, by Mabel Constanduros and Howard Agg, then going on to a bizarre little fairy-tale comedy, “The Ugly Duckling”, by A A Milne, and concluding with a murder melodrama, “Master Dudley”, by Philip Johnson.

Ralph Edburne, as the distracted young man who thinks he may have committed manslaughter, was outstanding in the first play, with John Rigiani running him very close.

The acting here was generally competent, with the atmosphere of tension well-sustained, though the effect might easily have been spoiled by the over-generous make-up.

Freda Campbell should also be mentioned for her natural portrayal of a hotel-keeper, while Irene Baxter had the correct air of mystery about her.

“The Ugly Duckling”, which was the main success, showed that fairy stories are never outgrown. Kathleen Billyard, as Dulcibella, a “dumb” lady in waiting was a joy to watch and Arthur Baxter as the King, displayed a nice touch of broad humour.

The comic invention unwound itself rather slowly at the end of the play but this was probably not all the fault of the players. The cast in the final play made a brave attempt to overcome the difficulties of psychological drama but they found themselves in very deep waters.

However, no-one should blame the players for trying something difficult. If the play was not altogether a success, at least much useful experience was gained.

The casts were: “Before the Morning”; Freda Campbell, Sheila Bowler, Ralph Eburne, John Rigiani, Glyn Jones, Barbara Whitlock, Charles Ainley, Irene Baxter. “The Ugly Duckling”; Arthur Baxter, Harry Cook, Lillian Ainley, Olwen Jones, Kathleen Billyard, George Farnham, Norman Brown: “Master Dudley”: Madge Perkins, Phyllis Tacey, Dora Smith, Molly Orchard, Owen Roberts.

Producers were Charles Roberts, Joy Brockhurst and Denison Brighouse.
The Society hopes to put on a three-act play later in the year.

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 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
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