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Thursday 25th July 2024  

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The marriage of Phyllis Broom and John Field, August 3rd 1940 – photograph, letters and honeymoon

Phyllis Broom and John [Jack] Field were married on Saturday August 3rd 1940, and went on honeymoon to Matlock that day.

Phyllis kept the letter below from her Mother (Constance Broom), which was written on the evening of Monday 5th August. Phyllis wrote home on Sunday 4th August, and Constance thanks her for this in her letter. Phyllis's letter must have arrived in Quorn on the Monday.

Constance must have had great confidence in the postal service, as she posted her letter below in time for the 5pm collection on Tuesday, knowing that the newlyweds would be returning home on the Wednesday. However they did receive it before they left.

Phyllis also kept the receipt from the guesthouse - four days at 7 shillings and sixpence a day (37½ p), and the receipt for the flowers - £3 8/- (£3.40).

The wedding was a very special day, despite being in wartime - as can be seen from wedding photograph and beautiful cake.

Monday night
My dear Phyllis and Jack

Just a few lines in answer to yours of this morning, we were pleased to hear you were alright and having a nice time, we are having lovely weather, you will be surprised to hear Mabel and Bill came to Bakewell on Sunday afternoon, Walter took Madge to see Clarence, they saw Cocky Needham there, but he had gone to Buxton for their honeymoon.
Mabel and Bill stayed last night also Kathleen. This afternoon we have been up to the Windmill and when we got home we found Cyril here he could not let us know he was coming and he has got until next Monday, unless they send for him back in the meantime, he does not seem any too well, but he is very tired, they have just taken Mabel and Bill to the Bus.
We got on alright on Saturday after you had gone, we all had a nice supper, we have just been round to the garden and got some lovely peas for dinner tomorrow.
I expect you would get a letter from Jack’s Dad this morning as he said he wrote to you on Sunday.
Aunt Alice and Connie went back on Sunday at Dinner time, oh she did cry.
We had a lot of people to see us on Sunday, but we shall be able to tell us all the news when you get back home.

Well dear Phyllis I must close now.
With love to you both from us all, from your affect. mother

C Broom xxxxxx

PS . Annie’s finger is going on alright and Tip is a good dog. Mr Field has just been and he said I was to tell you how he misses you. With love from Mam

Mabel and Bill – Mabel was Phyllis’s sister, she married Bill in 1938

Cyril and Kathleen – Cyril Baker was Phyllis’s foster brother. In 1928, the vicar announced in church that a boy called Cyril, from a children’s home in Rothley, had passed his 11 plus examination and could go to Rawlins Grammar School if he could get somewhere to board in Quorn. Constance Broom offered to have him temporarily, but this arrangement continued until he got married aged 25! Cyril was in Grenadier Guards and married Kathleen Marriott from Loughborough 1942.

Walter, Madge and Clarence were Bill’s relations

Aunt Alice was Constance Broom’s sister and Connie was Alice’s daughter. They lived in Manchester.

The sleeping arrangements must have been difficult. It was a three bedroom terraced house in Farnham Street, but one bedroom had to be reached by going through another! The toilet was down the bottom of the garden, so it would be fun with a houseful all the time.

The Windmill mentioned in the letter, stood on Windmill Hill in Woodhouse Eaves, but was burned down in 1945.

The letter mentions Cocky Needham, which reminds me of the many nicknames used in Quorn in those days.
Tin Tack James – (used these to put up wallpaper)
‘Epney Allen ( halfpenny)
Split Plum Priestley – (would halve a plum to get the right weight)
Boo Boo Smith
Monkey Mee
Fig Smith

From left to right: Bill Hudson (bride’s brother-in-law), Bessie Cooke (friend), Kathleen Marriot (friend), John Field (groom), Phyllis Field (bride), Mabel Hudson (bride’s sister), Louie Allen (friend), Thomas Broom (bride’s father).
Front row: Sheila Stafford (relative) and June Walpole (relative)

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 Submitted on: 2012-11-08
 Submitted by: Val Seal (Phyllis and Jack's daughter)
 Artefact ID: 1703
 Artefact URL: www.quornmuseum.com/display.php?id=1703
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