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Tuesday 29th November 2022  

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Sad death of Quorn woman - 1930

Loughborough Echo - November 28th 1930

Sad death of Quorn woman

It was revealed at an inquest held at Quorn on a young married woman that, although admitted to Leicester Infirmary suffering from diabetes, then discharged with instructions to remain an out-patient, she was supposed to pay visits to the Infirmary, but had never gone near. On Saturday Mr H. J. Deane conducted the inquiry into the death of Alice Louisa Mee, aged 21, of Clark's Yard, Meeting Street, Quorn.

The husband, Edward Arthur Mee, farm labourer of the same address, told the Coroner that his wife was admitted to Leicester Infirmary about July 11th last, suffering from diabetes. She came home on August 11th and every Monday since had apparently been going to the Infirmary as an out-patient. He had had no reason prior to her death to suppose she did not go because he used to ask her how she went on and she had replied that she was still sugar-free and had gained in weight. But witness was not now satisfied as to her having been.

On the previous Monday morning he took his wife a cup of tea to bed before leaving for work and she was quite normal. He arrived home about 5-15pm and she was not at home. About 6-15 she came in, but she seemed strange and stood against the fireguard not speaking even when asked if she was all right. Witness sat her down and gave her a cup of tea, but she was as if paralysed and her eyes were glazed. She did not smell of drink. She never spoke to witness again until two minutes before she died, when she asked for him in a whisper. He had sent for the doctor and nurse.

Deceased had been working for three weeks, but had been stopped owing to shortness of work. She seemed cheerful and happy and had never threatened to do away with herself.

Sarah Disney, grandmother of the girl, said she had brought the deceased up.

The Coroner: "I want to know about these alleged journeys to Leicester."

Witness said she was now satisfied that deceased had not been to Leicester that day but could not suggest where else she had been. Witness was now suspicious whether her grand-daughter had ever been to Leicester on these Mondays.

Dr Strachan of Mountsorrel said he was called to see Mrs Mee on the night of November 17th and found her in a dying condition. He had not seen her professionally since August 13th. She was suffering from diabetes mellitis. He thought complications had set in and she was convulsed. He associated the convulsions with something she had eaten or drunk. He was told she had eaten tomatoes and had a good tea, which she had enjoyed. That would cause her upset condition. There was no record of her ever having attended the out-patients' department since she was discharged so the Leicester Infirmary had stated to the Coroner.

The doctor thought the cause of death was that the woman, like so many diabetic patients, was tired of her diet and, possessed of thirst and hunger, she had probably got into some corner and stuffed herself with food, fantastic though it seemed.

He heard she used to buy quite a lot of sweets and eat a lot of chocolate. The craving would be a sympton of her condition. He thought death was natural from the disease and was due to exhaustion following on convulsions following on diabetes mellitis.

The Coroner said he was still in the dark as to the reason for the woman not attending Leicester Infirmary and what happened when she was absent from home. He would remain in the dark, he was afraid, as he was not justified in making a surmise which could not be confirmed by the evidence.

He returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence that death was due to exhaustion following on convulsions, the result of diabetes mellitis.

 Submitted on: 2012-07-03
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 1625
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