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Thursday 25th July 2024  

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Rawlins snogging row called storm in a teacup

Loughborough Monitor - 5th November 1971

Allegations that Rawlins school pupils are having "quiet snogging sessions" in entries in Castledine and Sarson Street, Quorn were dismissed yesterday by one resident as a "storm in a teacup".

At Tuesday's parish council meeting members decided to complain to the education authority and to enlist the help of local county councillors to curb the sessions, which were said to take place when pupils were on their way home. But the main concern of the council was contract buses which park and block the two streets and children who "swarm all over the village".

Mrs Evelyn Harvey who runs the grocery store in Sarson Street said congestion was not a major problem and only affected people taking a short cut from Barrow Road. "I don't know who finds time to complain because the children are not here long." She said "In fact most of the residents are out for most of the day". Mrs Evelyn Howlett, who works in the store admitted that she had seen some pupils kissing and cuddling.

"There is plenty going on but it is all harmless fun" she said. "It will happen everywhere that you have a mixed school". She added that some of the pupils were not really children but young men and women. The whole situation she said was laughable.

The real problem was caused by having so large a school on that site. Children leaving it to go home had to go through the streets. Rawlins pupils feel that the parish council have blown the thing out of all proportion. "There are a few nosy people around, but I think that it is all an exaggeration. There are not many people who kiss and cuddle," said 16 year old Sally Boun of Sileby.

Jo Sanders (16) also from Sileby, said she couldn't see anything wrong in cuddling although she was not personally involved. "Besides", added the girls, "everyone had to be on the bus by 4pm. It doesn't give much time".

The headmaster of Rawlins school said he had not received an official complaint and that there had been no formal comment.

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