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Wednesday 18th May 2022  

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Quorn's 'Monument' to close - 1963

This newspaper article documents the closing of the notorious public loos which were housed in the old lock-up (recently refurbished as an historic building). The follow up editorial is very scathing of the decision to list the lock up and prevent its demolition. Ironically, many of the pill boxes mentioned in the last sentence are now also listed.

Loughborough Monitor - 31st May 1963

Quorn's century-old public convenience, once the village lock-up and later, home of the local fire engine, is to be closed - although it will still be preserved as a building of architectural interest.

Barrow Rural Council took this decision at their meeting on Tuesday after further complaints that the convenience was insanitary. The lease will not be terminated until next March, when it will again become the responsibility of Quorn Town Lands Charities, but the building will be closed to the public as soon as possible. The entrance will be effectively closed and the direction signs on the A6 moved. The building is also to be stripped of its fittings.

The parish council will be told that the rural council's offer of financial assistance towards the provision of new conveniences remains open. The next problem will be the use to which the barred-window building will be put - for the Ministry of Housing has classed it as being of architectural merit and has ruled that it must not be pulled down.

Loughborough Monitor - 13th December 1963

Eyesore on the Green

If people were ever to stop saving outworn oddments in the belief that they "will come in useful some day," then the jumble sales would be out of business and life, in some obscure way, a little poorer.

It is amusing that every family should have its carefully preserved hoard of lumber - and, who knows, sometimes a jewel may be found in somebody else's junk.

What is not so funny is that the nation should be in the junk business and insist on preserving ugly and useless trivia at the ratepayers' and taxpayers' expense.

A case in point is the former gaol cell on Quorn Green, until recently used as a public convenience and now not good enough for even that. The parish council wanted to demolish this eyesore long ago, but were prevented by the Ministry of Works because it is listed as a building of historic interest. Now the council and the Town Land Charity trustees are having to discuss how to maintain this ugly lump of masonry that hardly anybody wants.

Good cases can be made out for preserving many old buildings that contractors or councils perhaps want to demolish. Most of them have a positive educative value to the public who later are able to inspect them. Quorn's closed down public convenience is not, in our opinion, one of them, whatever its former associations.

We might as well preserve the pill boxes that were built along the coast line during the last war. They are of equal architectural interest.

 Submitted on: 2012-03-28
 Submitted by: Kathryn Paterson
 Artefact ID: 1546
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