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Quorn has given hospital 2,500 in ten years - 1963

Loughborough Monitor - 12th April 1963

At the annual meeting of Quorn Group of the Friends of Markfield, held in the Village Hall on Thursday, the treasurer, Mr L F Prevost, revealed that since its inauguration ten years ago, the group had allocated some 2,500 in one way or another to assist the Hospital patients and ex-patients.

Gifts in the form of television sets or other equipment together with generous donations to after-care work had amounted to 1,300 while Easter and Christmas gifts and local benevolent work had accounted for 760 and 427 respectively. During this time the Group administration itself had cost only 100.

Mr Prevost went on to express appreciation for the support they had received from Quorn Football Club and Charity Darts League, who had contributed 254 over the past three years in the case of the Football Club, and 234 by the Darts League over the ten year period.

An expenditure of 239 occurred during the past year, 75 having been allocated to county after-care work, 72 in patients' gifts, and 70 in benevolent work, against which income from special events realised 175, and special donations 66. With a carried forward balance in 1962, a present balance of 130 was reported. The meeting agreed to allocate a further sum of 75 to after-care and 25 to local benevolence.

Chairman Mr H Lacey expressed high praise to committees and referred to the wonderful support the public of the village gave. He felt sure that no village could boast greater support than that given to Markfield by Quorn.

Officers: Chairman, Mr H Lacey; vice-chairman, Mr T W Shenton; secretary, Mrs D Commons; treasurer, Mr L F Prevost; Committee: Mesdames J Bonshor, G Allen, F Blackshaw, C Callaghan, Miss E Hawthorne, Miss C Stevenson, Miss D Harris and Messrs W Swinfield, D Commons, B Suter, and J Commons. Auditor, Mr A Thornton.

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