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Thursday 28th October 2021  

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The Halford family

Harry Halford was born in Wysall, Nottinghamshire in December 1893. He moved to Quorn around 1920 and became well known as he delivered milk in the village. His Highthorne Dairy tricycle was a familiar sight. In 1929 he married Azalea Shenton and the couple had two boys; David and John. The family lived at Quorn Hall Lodge on the road to Barrow, and Harry continued to deliver milk up until 1946. After giving up the milk round he ran the ‘Riverside Meadow’ car park near the lodge. This was a favourite beauty spot for many local families. Harry and his wife had a small hut and sold drinks, sweets, crisps etc.

Azalea died in 1967 aged 64. Harry moved from the lodge in the early 1980s to Quorn Mills. He died in August 1982 aged 88. During the First World War Harry had served with the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Yeomanry. He was later a member of Quorn British Legion and a member of the Parish Church.

In the 1960s, David Halford took over the premises of Aylwards electrical shop on High Street in Quorn. He advertised as ‘Electrical Engineers and Contractors’ and provided a loud speaker service, both commercially and for local events. Apparently in his youth, he was well known for riding round the village on his loud motorbike! David died in 1990.

Photograph 1 – A Sunday afternoon at ‘Riverside Meadow’ in 1978. This picture shows the Halford’s hut and David Halford’s van in the background.
The girl, centre left in the black top is David's daughter Penny, and in the distant right is Mary Clarke (nee Thompson).

Photograph 2 – 1978, ‘Riverside Meadow’. Inside the hut. On the left is Anne Halford (David's wife), and on the right is Harry's lady friend.

Photograph 3 – 1978, ‘Riverside Meadow’. Left to right: Frank Thompson, David Halford, Harry Halford.

Photograph 4 – Harry Halford’s tricycle that he used for delivering milk. This picture was taken after it had been restored to its original condition. It is now held by Abbey Pumping Station Museum on Corporation Road in Leicester.

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 Submitted on: 2011-12-07
 Submitted by: Richard Thompson
 Artefact ID: 1487
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