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Tuesday 19th October 2021  

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Princess Chrysanthemum, St Bartís Primary School Production 1959

Loughborough Monitor - 27th March 1959

Quorn children scored in brilliant operetta

Packed audiences in Quorn Village Hall on Thursday, Friday and Monday were charmed by a spectacular presentation of the Japanese style operetta, "Princess Chrysanthemum" by a cast of some 70 children of St Bartholomew's School.

It was undoubtedly one of the best shows to have been staged in the village for many years and the staff and pupils earned warm congratulations on the splendid performances. Considering the children's ages ranged between only 7 and 11 years, makes the production even more commendable.

The singing of the many fascinating songs, and dancing and dialogue were exceptional; colourful costumes, expert make-up and staging added to the splendour of a brilliant show. Credit goes to the teachers under Mr Jack Briers' headmastership whose patience in moulding so many children into so intricate a production won high praise, as did the handing of the music by Mrs Manclarke and Mrs Green.

The casting could not have been bettered and the principal parts were excellently taken by Ruderick Woodhouse (Emperor What-For-Whi), Jane Shaw (Princess Chrysanthemum), Alan Thompson (Price So-Tru), Christopher Gamble (Saucer-Eyes the cat), John Vickers (Prince So-Li), Geoffrey Gamble and Philip Child, who shared the part of Top-Not, June Sharpe (Fairy Moonbeam), maids of honour: Denise Law, Helen McKay, Janet Blencose and Judith Exon and the Emporer's guards: (twins John and Jimmy Tweedy).

See also Artefact 1221 for a glowing tribute from a proud parent.

John Rudkin contacted the team and added the following anecdote:
"Whilst not on the photos I was one of the donkeys that led the parade down the village hall towards the stage. I got told off by Mr Briers because one of my 'ears' was floppy! I had over-painted it in class and it would not dry stiff. John Vickers, Chris Gamble and the Tweedy twins were in the same class."

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